A Capitalist economy booms and busts in the cycle.  Whether it is short or long, quick or slow is dependant on the situation of each period.  The Great Depression exploded in the United States due to the stock market crash on October 29, 1929, known as Black Tuesday.  The depression lasted 10 years and ended at the onset of WWII’s war economy, which began around 1939.  Since then, Americans have witnessed 12recessions beginning in 2/1945, 11/1948, 7/1953, 8/1957, 4/1960, 12/1969, 11/1973, 1/1980, 6/1981, 7/1990, 3/2001, 12/2007 with respective durations of approximately 8, 11, 10, 8, 10, 11, 16, 6, 16, 8, 8 months.  The current recession may apparently drag on for years!  Recession is defined as (according to Wikipedia and the National Bureau of Economic Research) a significant decline in economic activity lasting more than a few months.  It is the result of a combination of factors that stunt short term growth in the economy.  These include such things as spiking oil prices; war; increase production costs; high national debt; market volatility; credit crunch; the control of the money supply; the loss of an ideal balance between money supply, interest rates, inflation; individuals and businesses curtailing expenditures to trim operating costs; the bankruptcies of top companies, terrorist attacks (eg. 9/11) and many other complex factors.  The present economic slump resulted from the collapse of financial companies such as Lehman Brothers and other time bombs: AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddi Mac, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Wachovia Citi Group.  These companies were directly linked to the sub-prime mortgage problem.  One in 10 U.S. homeowners is delinquent on mortgage payments.  Lenders were on track to initiate 2.25 million foreclosures in 2008.  Financial meltdown creates an unstoppable ripple effect on consumption and production.  Consumers and companies are folding under the negative forces of a collapsed housing market and a global credit crunch.  This has brought 2008’s total job losses to 2.4 million, the highest since 1945, and a stunning new deficit estimated to be an unprecedented $1.2 trillion.  In general, an economic crisis is a period in which the economy’s supply, demand and the prices are forced to correct themselves.  In the boom time, production increases to satisfy the high demand of consumption.  Because competition is the nature of capitalism, the resulting outputs eventually surpass saturation point.  This leads to surpluses, inventories in excess, production cutbacks, manufacturing activities at standstill, large layoffs and high unemployment rates.  According to Professor Ann Lee, we live in a ghost-and-devil regime of Wall Street’s House of Cards.  Mortgage vouchers – structured credit derivatives – financial weapons of mass destruction, are guaranteed by houses, cars, business stores, factories, credit cards … which are unpaid debts, a kind of vaporous money that can easily be abused by the mad and the greedy.  Many of these individuals have colluded with fear in the financial market to make an illicit fortune such as arch-trickster Bernard L. Madoff, utilizing his “giant Ponzi scheme” to fool investors in the excess of $50 billion.  This crisis is largely our own making due to the collaboration between “financial and governmental power.” Because of the profound irresponsibility that stretched from corporate boardrooms to the halls of power in Washington, the U.S.A. could not solve this life-and-death problem even with the absolute freedom of press!  America’s economy, once was on manufacturing base, now depends on consumption and the service industry.  The service domain comprising of the financial market occupies 79% GNP.  U.S. economic power weakens if these two decline.


  1. A Financial Rescue Plan: To spur the economy recovery, the Bush administration has applied two (1 & 2) out of three stimulus measures currently.
  2. Tax Cuts And Relief: Each tax-payer has received $600.00 in tax cuts and $300.00 in relief for each child to spend, but due to survival nature, people “tightened their belts” to save; therefore, this stimulus measure failed totally.  If people are crazy enough to spend this money on unnecessary things, then they would have played into Bush’s paranoia of people going out to spend mindlessly to stimulate the economy.  Unfortunately, not many people did this because many are overly concerned about their job security, with the exception of perhaps garbage dumpers!
  3. Rescue Plan For US Auto Industry:

The auto bailout bill was blocked by Senate Republicans, but President Bush then reversed course and announced that he would use financial bailout money to aid the auto manufacturers with $17.4 billion to prevent the collapse of the Big Three: GM, Chrysler và Ford, which if it were to happen, would have effects that would ripple throughout the entire network of interconnected businesses that rely on the carmakers.  These include distributors, suppliers and the whole slew of other companies that serve most of the carmakers – foreign and domestic – operating in the US. Compared to GM loss of $38 billion and Ford’s $2.7 billion in 2007 and Chrysler’s use up $3 billion in cash in its last quarter, this sum of money is “a drop in the ocean” in the current auto meltdown. The new cars manufactured from this loan for workers to keep jobs will only aggravate the anemic business of car lots across America, and the economic forecast for using tax dollars to bail out private businesses is “money lost, corpse rotten!”

Obama’s dramatic proposal, called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, is an unprecedented package costing as much as $775 billion, with add-ons that could bring the total up to $850 billion.  The package will hopefully result in the generation of about 3.2 million jobs by the first quarter of 2011.  The first part comprises of tax cuts of up to $300 billion — which include $500 for most individuals and $1,000 for couples if one spouse is employed — as well as more than $100 billion for businesses.  Some $77 billion would be used to extend unemployment benefits and to subsidize health care for job losers.  The second part would go toward job-creation projects, funding only for what works.  These include such projects as rebuilding roads and bridges, doubling the production of alternative energy, updating most federal buildings to improve energy efficiency, making medical records electronic, tackling Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs, expanding broadband networks, updating schools and universities and improving transparency.  Anyway, the second part is not a drastic change, and the first part has followed Bush’s beaten path with $300 billion as “burnt offering” according to this slogan: “No sell, no hire – No well (off), no buy!”

3.Rescue Plan For Financial System:

CHANGE at this magnitude could not be afforded to salvage the nation because of the already massive fraud in trillions of dollars in the U.S. financial system.  Even with new harsh measures, there will be a lengthening of the moribund stage of capitalism.  The failure of Communism originates from the brazen exploitation of the dictatorial regime with one-party rule, “red is better than eks”(eks=expertise) and lack of motive to excel due to “Egalitarianism”.  The majority of people are destitute.  Only Communist robber chieftains, an absolute minority, become super-rich and enjoy luxury in security.  The failure of Capitalism comes from the pitiless annihilation by life-and-death competition and the greed, machiavellian scheme of capitalist sharks. In a period having no serious natural calamity or catastrophe that can cause big damage to people and properties, why then does the Dow Jones Index go up and down hundreds of points daily if not the result of “inside trading,” “market speculation and rigging,” “profit exaggerating,” “Paying previous investors with money of later ones,” “subprime-mortgage effects,” etc.  The only explanation and purpose of this is to make a profit for oneself and one’s clique!  Not only the middle and low-class are to toil and moil to pay the bills without peaceful minds to reap the fruits of their labors, but also the financial oligarchic tricksters are hunting for a stratagem to wipe out others; squandering millions of dollars a year, they are throbbing with anxiety about their bankcruptcy out of the blue. “Invisible hand in a free market” has become “Inhuman hand in a free-to-manipulate market!”  Capitalism now rivals Communism in the Three-Less Doctrine.”  Communists could not reach their goal: Familyless, nationless and religionless, but Capitalists already surpassed their goal: millions of Americans left jobless, homeless, and penniless when many schools, libraries, stores, banks, companies, factories, services … were and will be closed! Ironically and worst of all, the ringleader of  capitalism: The USA became the debtor of communism ringleader: China with more than a trillion dollars!

People in Communist countries are hungry for food while those in capitalist ones arehungry for time”! This is the most favorable time to apply the CHANGE, a comprehensively all-sided change, a kind of “Economic Great Revolution or Coup,” not a kind charged as: “The Bank Bailout Bill effectively nationalized the Nation’s banking system, giving the United States non-voting warrants from participating financial institutions, and moving our free market based economy another dangerous step closer toward socialism.”  The resolution also opposes President-elect Obama’s proposed public works program.  “We can’t be a party of small government, free markets and low taxes while supporting bailouts and nationalizing industries, which lead to big government, socialism and high taxes at the expense of individual liberty and freedoms,” said Solomon Yue, a co-sponsor of a resolution.  To solve the cyclical economic recession and to help people enjoy the true happiness of life, the Capitalist economy needs not just new policy but a whole new approach.  Instead of “bail out” of these dying institutions, we should “kick out” all of them to establish swiftly and boldly a new social and economic structure called “Humanized Socialism” or “Liberalized Socialism”which is better than Western Europe’s “Democratic Socialism” by the following strong measures:


  1. Solutions To Correct Capitalism:

Establishment Change is necessary. All the establishments, companies, businesses … which did and will collapse must be gotten rid of at once and be replaced by new ones to solve all the problems once and for all. “Nationalization” in a free regime ruled by law, in which all the economic CEO are elected annually by their workers and employees according to their administrative and managerial capabilities is another step while“Research And Development” is the spearhead of all branches. Nationalization + Humanized Socialism will help humankind excel, surpassing Capitalism’s life-and-death competition.  For example, the Soviet Union as a nation launched Spunik 1, the world’s first earth-orbiting-artificial satellite on October 4, 1957; then Spunik 2, the first spacecraft to carry a living animal, dog Laika, on November 3, 1957; and then the Mir Space Station,the world’s first consistently inhabited long-term research station in space on February 19, 1986.  The International Space Station launched in 1988 involved 18 countries and still continues to be assembled in orbit!  Collective intelligence, used in a right way for the mass’s welfare and interst, is superior than individuals’ or self-interest groups’ one. The eye-popping $10 trillion gross national debt owed by the “General Fund” is funded by income taxes on 29 Sep 08 Aug 30, 2011. (As of September 9, 2011, the gross debt was $14.71 trillion, of which $10.07 trillion was held by the public and $4.64 trillion was intragovernmental holdings. The annual gross domestic product (GDP) to the end of June 2011 was $15.003 trillion, with gross debt at a ratio of 98% of GDP, and debt held by the public at 67% of GDP.) The United States is currently borrowing $665 billion annually from foreign lenders, an amount equivalent to $5,500 per American household. (President Obama’s first year deficit was $ 1.4 trillion while in 2010 the deficit was $1.3 trillion. To fund this deficit the US has to borrow a billion dollars daily from foreign lenders.) The only sure thing is that America will be over head and ears in more debt! The current U.S. international debt path puts the financial burden on the shoulder of its offsprings and next generations and is damaging to the future U.S. living standards. At this particular moment, the private sector cannot do what is needed. Only the government can provide the short & long-term boost necessary to lift us from a recession.  The Obama Administration needs to consider the following 8 measures to solve the unemployment problem and to restructure the producing and servicing mechanism:

  1. Law And Order: Homicide can be charged with death sentence to pay retributive compensation.  So why are those who are responsible for the economic recession affecting millions of people not punished duly, let alone are supported to have another chance to continue their fraud and exploitation?  There must be stricter financial regulations and laws that make the “Wall Street Wrongdoers” accountable, especially those who engage in risky investing.  For example, fraud and embezzlement or intentional damage over $5 million must be charged with life or death sentence.
  2. US Auto Industry: The rescue loan of $17.4 billion, instead of being used to manufacture luxurious privately-owned cars, should be shifted to public projects and products such as new and big buses, trains … to replace the old ones and increase public means of transport to serve the masses.
  3. Finance, Insurance Companies And Banks: Those that have been bankrupted need to be closed as soon as possible.  Instead of partially nationalizing the industry and government becoming a stockholder, all the debts including mortgages, cars … will be paid to the National Bank, a new creditor, at half prices by cutting the payment amount P in half and doubling the number of payments N, for example.
  4. School: The employment of teachers, professors in the elementary schools, high schools and universities with small classes of a few to a couples of students is wasteful and less efficient because most teachers, with the exception of a small number having outstanding aptitude, have limited knowledge and pedagogic expertise compared to textbook learning. There is a need to construct gigantic octagonal classrooms with 4,000-seat capacity in which 8 different classes are organized, each section comprising of 500 students heads toward one of 8 directions, and 8 walls decorated with big screen televisions, not harmful to the eyes, with images that are clear and true as a reflection from a mirror. Students’ tables all have headsets to use while following the teaching demonstration on the screens. A genius staff for each subject is selected and assigned to prepare and explain lessons which are corrected perfectly and approved by the whole staff before being posted in the “Education Website.” Each class needs only one expert to run and solve all technical problems.  Students’ questions and unclear points are emailed to a staff person who is accountable and the explanations are posted in the Education Website.  Website textbooks are updated in time when new inventions and discoveries are made.  Every school is equipped with modern facilities for sports, gyms, music, painting, dancing, and entertainment. All libraries should be closed and all books and documents are to be typewritten, read and kept as archives on a “Library Website”so that everyone can get access to them to read, to hear, to study, to research easily from home computers.
  5. Commerce Establishments: It is necessary to limit the service system and focus on expanding the construction, production, especially of the cereals and foodstuffs.  All the stores, supermarkets having been bankrupt need to be gotten rid of and step by step replaced with shopping on the internet and delivery at home.  Transfer all the shopping stores into chains of big self-service restaurants, where a meal price is cheaper than home-made foods so that everyone can release the cooking burden, can eat at restaurants near home or office, enjoy hundreds of different dishes prepared and cooked by best chefs.  The prices are low thanks to ordering in big quantity directly from gigantic storehouses or the principal producers.  Besides sales by TV ads, supermodel ads, the internet, showrooms, the eating locations are decorated with window-dressing of all the merchandises so that window-shoppers can order and receive next day on the spot or by delivery at home, which can save cost price from shop renting, employees, energy expenditures, other operating costs in order to save labor force for the production domain and to have extra time to enjoy intellectual and material welfare.  The objective is to end forever the out-of-control competition which produces the surplus problem with inventories in excess causing cyclical recession and to replace it with “Planned Supply”based on demand orders.
  6. Entertainment: Instead of closing, open more entertainment facilities such as theatres, picture-palaces, dancing-floors, martial arts halls, stadiums, gyms, swimming pools, parks … with low charges so everyone can afford to enjoy and train.
  7. Infrastructure: Invest in reconstructing and building nation-wide modern and sophisticated infrastructure such as roads, bridges, water supply, sewage, airports, seaports, public transports, solar energy, health care programs, the information technology system, new research and development projects.  Level all the slums and build new type of condos, high-rise buildings with complete facilities for lands and energy saving to create suitable environments for residents to live closely in harmony and enjoy fully the meaningful lives together.  Reduce private cars, increase public transports, bikes and motorbikes to solve the traffic jam, pollution and obesity.
  8. Job: All the above projects millions of service jobs and create millions of production jobs simultaneously.  In order to have more time to enjoy – much more than 400 more hours of vacation by average Europeans than Americans – and to solve the unemployment problem; all people work one week, from Monday to Sunday, then take a one week break. Home employment is given priority for works which can be done by computer.  Birth control to keep the birth rate at less than 2.1 alleviates the burden of overpopulation and energy scarcity.  Due to expenditures for houses, cars, foods, merchandises … reduced in half, half price pay checks are more than enough to cover all needs while maximum enjoyments can be obtained thanks to one-week-on-one-week-off free time and abundant facilities. JOB needs be balanced with JOY to fulfill human true happiness.


III. The Future World: The above-mentioned solutions are only preliminary measures to solve the economic downturn, recession, crisis and a great depression of our epoch. To create a “Paradise on Earth” for future mankind, there is a need to eliminate all the causes and origins of human grieves, misfortunes, mishaps, miseries … such as diseases, infirmity, ugliness, natural catastrophe, poverty, resource scarcity, overpopulation, pollution (esp. garbage), strikes, crime, hatred, war … The true happiness, eternal peace and human dream come true only after the Transition Period: The Fourth Path must be realized, changing “JOB, JOB, JOB” to “JOY, JOY, JOY”and the New World Order must replace the current New World Disorder: The Fifth Path, when Neo-Platonic World: The Sixth Path of  Ly Tong’s Doctrine or“Lytongism” takes shape, in which the states and the world are run by theTechnocrats succeeding evolutionary process of modern time from Capitalism: The First Path, Communism: The Second Path, and Democratic Socialism of Western Europe: The Third Path. In the Neo-Platonic World, the earth is gotten rid of natural catastrophe thanks to being “air-conditioned,” “Lava-Sucking Technique,” “Rice Cake Binding.” All germs, diseases are terminated by high-low “Sound Frequencies.”All production means and activities are automated, computerized, and robotized with solar energy. There are only three social classes: The super class comprising of inventors of the Research & Development sections and the CEOs, elected once a year according to their managing and administrating capabilities; the high class comprising of eminent workers and employees; and the middle class, the lowest one, having the living standard higher than present millionaires’. People sleep in hotels, eat in restaurants according to their allotment rates without using money, only by fingerprint sensors or optical readers. No antagonism between the rulers and the ruled exists in this society. Each person’s beauty is a unique masterpiece of art, thanks to – besides birth control and no child bearing – advanced science and technology such as “Ageless Caring Technique, Gene and DNA Transplant and Treatment, Stem Cell Duplication, Muscle-ization, In-Vitro Fertilization, Cloning, Artificial Uterus…” Everyone has a Ph.D. knowledge due to “Recording and Duplicating Technique” in education. Work schedule is one-week-on-one-week-off.  Children are reared at Dream Land by top-rank experts.  There are no prisons but Paradise Island. These solutions are presented in the New World Order  vs New World Disorder  and the Neo-Platonic World  attached.


                       LY TONG

(Ph. D. Candidate in Political Science)

30 December 2008 (updated)

            (San Jose, California)




Dear Mr. President:
The September 11th event was a horrible tragedy for the American people and country. Through this war on terror, you have proved yourself a great world leader who transformed this day into a landmark turning point of world history.  You embodied the special character of your people: “America would overcome any difficulties if Americans’ anger and fear were to be provoked” to change suffering into strength, making great effort to create a “New World Order” full of bright prospect for mankind.

Your great world leadership was affirmed through victory in mobilizing the whole world, foes and friends, to stand in your “Global Alliance Against Terrorism,” through unanimous support of the U.S. Congress, both houses, to pass the Resolution granting you the unilateral rights to use military measures to force Saddam Hussein to disarm; through the passing of the National Defense Decree which had the largest fund since President Reagan’s administration with 355 billion U.S. dollars; through the quartet Road Map of Peace to have the Palestine country coexisting next to the country of Israel in peace and security within three years to prevent the conspiracy stimulating hostilities between religions and races; through the unanimity of 15 members of the UN Security Council, including Syria, an enemy, to sponsor Resolution 1441 presented by the USA and Great Britain with strong measures to force Saddam to voluntarily, fully, and immediately disarm Iraq; and the complete, wonderful, and glorious victory of the Republican Party in the mid-term election in November 2002, securing the authority to control the whole Congress, the first record for the Republican Party since President Abraham Lincoln and a record for both parties since President Eisenhower.

The world’s bright prospect began from the formation of a new Afghanistan, in which Freedom and other intrinsic human rights being robbed by the barbarous, cruel regime of the Taliban, had been recovered.  That expectation would excel through the mission to get rid of Saddam and other neo-tyrants around the world, so that all human beings may live with dignity and enjoy basic rights, such as political, civil, and religious rights.



by Ly Tong



  1. One Objective:  The first trend

How to Solve Tyrant Saddam Hussein’s Problem?

There were three solutions according to three different trends.

America should focus its strength on a unique objective:  Destroy terrorists, especially al Queda and the Taliban.  Waging war with Saddam would disperse its forces.  America did not have enough resources to bear the burden of many objectives at the same time.

B.  Negotiation Method:  The second trend

America should use political, economical, and diplomatic measures, indirectly creating opportunities for the Iraqi people to uprise by themselves to overthrow Saddam, as others like the Soviet Union, the Eastern Europe did.

C.  Overthrowing Measures:  The third trend

America should exploit its powers as the only superpower in the unipolar world to directly overthrow all regimes sponsoring terrorists in the Middle East, such as Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya… to help Arab and Islamic people to have an opportunity to master their own fate with free democratic govenments.




Three solutions to send the weapons inspection team to Iraq of five permanent members having the veto privilege.

  1. No New Resolution

Russia and China did not accept and did not need a new resolution.  To apply all former U. N. resolutions and send the inspection group quickly to Baghdad were necessary enough.

  1. Two Resolutions

France supported two resolutions in which the first one obliged Saddam to comply with all previous resolutions.  The second discussed the measure to deal with problems of obstructing the inspectors’ work.

  1. One Resolution

America and England promoted one strong resolution including an order allowing America to use force if Saddam did not comply with the resolution.

When proposing two resolutions, France must have had a dark scam to reject any second resolution and informed Russia, China, and Syria of this ruse; that is why all fifteen members of the UN Security Council did unanimously pass Resolution 1441.  But France did not predict things happening beyond its expectations:

  1. An Inevitable War
  2. Pretext for America to Act

The recalcitrant nature of Saddam encouraged by the fanatic support of his profit-seeking allies: France, Germany, Russia…, resulted in his refusal to comply with Resolution 1441, creating a pretext for America to attack him.

  1. Power Struggle among the Superpowers

Due to America’s strong resolve to get rid of Saddam, it deployed 250 thousand troops in the Gulf.  The war machine, once operated to its limit, could not be stopped.  Chirac, who did not self-examine and know his country’s capability limits, a second-class superpower, conspired with Germany, symbol of “Old Europe,” backed by Russia and China, to determinedly prevent America from attacking Saddam by arguing that “War is the worst solution, a bad option…,” supporting solution to increase the number of UN inspectors, give them enough time to work, because the inspection was “effective and fruitful.”  These countries helped Saddam survive due to their own interests, not concerning the terrible plight of the Iraqi people under oppression, exploitation, and terrorism by Saddam’s bloody hands.  France, a troublemaker, used to abuse its veto right to prevent the UN from using strong measures to force Saddam to comply with U. N. resolutions many times in the past.  The veto privilege of France, China, and Russia must be abolished because none of these countries deserve to possess it.  They had no merits with the WW II victory against the Axis.  England and America did save them from German Nazi, Italian Fascists, and Japanese Militarists.  Two (France and Germany) were ungrateful and two (China and Russia) were, in fact, criminals committing war crimes, genocide, and crime against humanity in their ambition to redden the whole world.  China and Russia were still warmongers, especially China, an enduring threat to world security and stability because of its hegemonic ambition and its dictatorial regime.

Chirac betrayed his opportunistic character through his statement.  He squarely rejected any second resolution no matter what kind of content if there was an ultimatum and use of force.  But when America and England withdrew their second draft which included six conditions Saddam must comply with, and you declared an ultimatum to Saddam to leave Iraq with his family within 48 hours, Chirac felt the inevitable war and adjusted his stance with the declaration that if Saddam used chemical and biological weapons against U.S. forces, he would change his decision and send special groups to deal with this problem.  Your argument point was convincing with “Saddam is destroying weapons he claimed he did not have.  So where are other banned weapons he still hides and has not destroyed?  This case can prove his blatant lies and deception.”

What needs to be argued was the last option: to disarm him by force, or remove him from power.  In fact, the disarmament was not as important as his removal from power, because with the same WMD, if in the hands of tyrants, they were dangers for the world, but if in the hands of clear-sighted leaders, they become sharp tools to maintain the world’s security, stability, and peace.


Saddam scented the changeable situation to adjust his stance by making arrogant and recalcitrant statements such as, “The forces of evil will carry their coffins on their backs, die in disgraceful failure, taking their scheme back with them or digging their own graves,” “the imperialist’s vain dreams and illusions deserve to be trashed in the garbage heap” to the unconditional acceptance of Resolution 1441 to “avoid dreadful misfortune for the Iraqi people,” “to prove that all U.S. charges are deceitful,” “even the Resolution is unjust, very bad.”  Saddam unmasked his own scheme with his resolution acceptance as a situation measure to buy time.  It was proved by his piecemeal concession from allowing the U. N. surveillance to check and control stealthy activities in hiding and moving WMD, allowing the scientists in the WMD domain to be interviewed without Iraqi officials’ presence, and finally to allow the destruction of ballistic missiles that violated the 150 km limit.

Saddam continued to play games with the assistance of France, Russia, Germany, and China, causing deep division among the members of the U. N.  His wrong calculations and tactics would bring him down by pushing America to the wall without any other option but to force him to voluntarily leave Iraq or face war.


The first trend was comprised of countries and groups with profit seeking, survival conserving, racial and religious bias.  Racial: Many Arabs supported Saddam because of the same race.  Religious: Many Islamic countries, such as several in the Middle East, North Africa, some in Southeast Asia, and Central Asia, supported Saddam’s regime because of same religion.  Profit-seeking: France, Germany, Russia, and China supported Saddam because of their interests in relations with him.  Power-conserving: Many leaders supported him because his downfall was a dangerous precedent harming their survival and causing their regimes or their own fates to be threatened.


The second trend was comprised of pacifist leaders who feared war, avoided war at any price.  They promoted “the Soviet Union and the Eastern European solution” as an example, but did not grasp the logic of what caused their collapse.  Communist regimes could collapse only when there were two major factors:

  1. Totalitarian regimes began their economic reform along with political reform.
  2. The dictatorial leaders let the bad impact of the reform escape their capability to control and restrain.

Without Gorbachev’s Perestroika and Glastnost, the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe still survived like Cuba and North Korea.  If, during the process of reform, they still maintained the political dictatorship with total repression and prepared to smash all the “reactionary, anti-revolutionary” manifestations, they still survived like China and Vietnam.  When using the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe as typical examples, this second ideological school intended to ignore four remaining Communist countries mentioned above. Fighting terrorists and neo-tyrants is like trying to catch a tiger.  We must intrude their dens.  We could not wait for the sleeping terrorist cells to wake up and act, nor could we allow terrorists to infiltrate into the country to carry out their destruction on us, or the outlaw tyrants already wage war and invade other countries, then we began either to hunt and catch them or resist and defend.




  1. Its Limitation

If America followed the ideas of pacifist advisors not to attack the Taliban in Afghanistan, at this time, the Taliban and al Qaeda would still have their forces intact.  How many calamities, catastrophes, would have taken place after the Twin Towers in New York?  Saddam’s regime would never collapse as the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe did, through peoples’ power and uprising, because he never reformed and never let loose his grip on the power that oppressed the Iraqi slaves.

The practical, feasible, and idealistic solution to change all the regimes sponsoring terrorists in the Middle East could be realized thanks to the 9-11 tragedy and your resolve to establish a New World Order.  If your art of negotiation and campaigning, along with American determination to fight against terrorists could not persuade other members of the U. N. Security Council to give in at a necessary level so that you could disarm Saddam with peaceful measures, the ultimatum was necessary to stop all time-wasting and nonsense negotiations.  If the U. N. could not overcome its irrelevancy, weakness, and old practice, America could unilaterally carry out its whole mission to prove its just cause in order to build up its prestige and power to reconstruct the U. N. to fit modern trends and troubles.  The mutual concession solution was not to give Saddam a last chance to voluntarily disarm, but to give the innocent, childish, heartless, hypocritical, and sophistic world a last chance to recognize Saddam’s true deceptive face.  The third trend was the most progressive one, but it was limited in terms of geopolitics, focusing only on the Middle East, not concerning other continents and dictatorial regimes, such as the remaining Communist countries: China, Vietnam, Cuba, and North Korea.

  1. Inappropriate Terminology

“The Axis of Evil: Iran – Iraq – North Korea” and “Rogue Nations”

Using the terminology “Axis of Evil” was outstanding because it rekindled the impression of the ruin and annihilation of the term “Evil Empire” that former President Reagan used to allude to the Soviet Union.  But using countries’ names such as Iran, Iraq, and North Korea was not psychologically appropriate, causing a backlash: getting more enemies and losing more friends.  Saddam could provoke the nationalistic spirit to convert those against him to those against America.  Iran, Iraq, and North Korea were not evil and rogue.  It was the tyrants who were evil and rogue leaders.  You should use the “Axis of Evil: Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khamini, Kim Jong-Il,” and “rogue tyrants.”  This was a “divide and destroy” tactic to separate Saddam from the Iraqi people, Khamini from Iranians, especially from the reformist President Khatami, and Kim from the North Korean people.  America attacked and punished Saddam to save Iraq and its people, not to punish them.  The second point was that when some Arab countries advised Saddam to resign with an assured amnesty to avoid a war that would cause instability in the Middle East, instead of grasping this opportunity to declare that “the only condition to avoid war is that Saddam and all his staff must renounce their power and leave for exile.  It is the only chance for Saddam’s survival.  If the war is to be launched, Saddam and all his staff would surely be exterminated,” you, Mr. President, declared that, “if America attacks, it’s sure that Saddam will be removed from power.”  It was a really clumsy statement!

With a noble and far-sighted vision and a clear-cut resolve, you could become mankind’s savior if you take this unique chance to create a New World Order.  This special era has the unique opportunity and strong point never seen before in world history: it is a unipolar world, America is the only superpower, America was insulted by the 9-11 tragedy (terrorists attacked straightly the U. S. financial and military symbols), your Republican Party controls both houses of the Congress, the majority of the American people (64%) backed your military campaign, and Congress bestowed upon you the right to unilaterally take military action without U. N. mandate, if necessary.  If the U. N., world representative body, and America, a superpower led by a genius world leader such as yourself, Mr. President, could blindfold their eyes and cover their ears to condone petty tyrants such as Saddam and Kim Jong-Il… who arrogantly, blatantly, despisedly threaten, invade, and make troubles to their neighbors and the world with weapons of mass destruction at will, in the present New World Disorder, history and future generations would severely criticize and condemn our era, especially you, Mr. President.




The present world is really a New World Disorder even though someone dared to abuse New World Order to name it.  It must be coined New World Disorder according to its chaotic nature.  The present U. N. is no better than the former League of Nations, also a similar place converging heroic as well as tricky leaders who grouped factions to fight each other.  In the past, the Socialist camp fought a life-and-death battle against the Capitalist camp.  Nowadays, the remnants of the Socialist camp collaborate with the Third World, especially outlaw rogue tyrants and selfishly ambitious Capitalist leaders, to continue to manipulate and fish in troubled waters.

  1. Saddam Hussein

Saddam treated with contempt 16 U. N. resolutions, expelled the U. N. inspection delegation, and only allowed it back under the threat of war with the pressure of hundreds of thousand troops deployed in the Gulf, ready to launch an attack.  Saddam violated all U. N. resolutions, possessed, developed, obtained and stored weapons of mass destruction, publicly assisted terrorists, rewarded families of Palestinian suicide bombers with 25,000 U. S. dollars, lauded the 9-11 terrorists, celebrated this event, proclaimed it “God’s Punishment” while witnessing the Twin Towers in flame, harbored terrorists and was willing to give them WMD.

Crime:  1980-88 Iran-Iraq war, invasion of Kuwait in 1990, setting fire to Kuwait’s oil wells as well as plundering Kuwait’s national and individual properties, being permanent danger to the Middle East and beyond, oppressing and killing hundreds of thousand Shi’ites in their 1991 uprising, gassing to death 5,000 Kurds in Halabja on March 16, 1988, exploiting his people to build 50 luxurious, stately palaces while his people live in a half-alive, half-dead situation due to the sanction’s influence.

  1. Kim Jong-Il

Deceitful, fraudulent, he received aids while violating the 1994 Frame Treaty, carrying on the secret nuclear program.  After members of the KEDO organization punished him with cutting oil supplies in December 2002, Kim reactivated the long-range missile test, withdrew from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Armistice Agreement, reopened the Yonbyon nuclear plant, intercepted and threatened a U. S. surveillance airplane, violated South Korea’s airspace, launched three middle-range missiles into the Japanese Sea, and threatened nuclear war if America didn’t accept a bilateral dialogue and non-aggression pact.  With a blackmail policy, a strong million-man armed forces, and a stockpile of sophisticated weapons of mass destruction, this maniacal, sick, and paranoid animal could blow up the whole world in one of his crazy outbursts.

Crime:  Supplying WMD to terrorists and rogue tyrants, sending spy ships to violate the Japanese Sea zone; naval battling with South Korea; producing and trafficking drugs; counterfeiting money; imprisoning 200,000 dissidents, opponents, and refugees in the harsh prisons with torture, starvation, forced labor, killing, no medical treatment; starving millions of people, forcing people to eat weeds, tree bark, and buds to survive, and treating his people as slaves and animals; and Korea War 1950-1953… were his criminal records.

  1. Ayatollah Khamini

He transformed Iran into the terrorist center, the transit route and safe haven for fleeing Taliban and al Qaeda members.  Instead of arresting them, he sent them back to Afghanistan, Pakistan, or their homeland. He gave haven to the eldest son of bin Laden, and other high-ranking al-Queda terrorists, stealthily supplied weapons to Palestinian terrorists, possessed WMD, and developed two nuclear plants with Russian technical assistance.

From Khomeini, who overthrew the Shah, to Khamini, the extremist Muslim leader, who severely, brutally, and violently oppressed the dissidents, sponsored the religious Court independent from the judicial system, free to prosecute, convict, and imprison the dissidents, fanatic clerics, indoctrinated followers, provoked the hatred and hostilities against Westerners and Christianity, contempted the elected national president with a landslide victory, against his reform, condemned to death progressive Muslim clerics and scholars, controlled the justice ministry, the armed forces, and the media.

Crime:  Taking hostage of the US Embassy’s officials to Iran in Teheran and 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war.

  1. Burma’s Militarist Junta

This gang blatantly put the elected President Aung San Syu Kyi under house arrest for 11 years, protected drug mafias in the Golden Triangle, thereby destroying the lives of millions of people worldwide, transformed Burma into sweat shops with forced labor, coerced 70 thousand underage youths to join the army, raped and harassed 173 Shan women as a measure to retaliate the Shan fighting for autonomy, and broke the record of worst violation of human rights by imprisoning thousands of dissidents.

  1. Robert Mugabe

Winning an election by trick and cheat, Mugabe robbed lands and ranches from at least 3,200 white owners whom he expelled, and distributed them to his henchmen, cronies, subordinates in the armed forces, and members of the government with the slogan “To correct the colonial injustice.”  He used food aid as weapons against his opponents, a means to maintain his authority by only distributing them to his supporters.  This plunder policy had brought Zimbabwe’s economy to the brink of bankruptcy with skyrocketing inflation, pushing 6 million people (half the population) to the brink of starvation.

  1. China’s Communists Junta

This gang imprisoned, killed, kidnapped, ill-treated, and tortured to death religious followers through the “Patriotic Education Policy” toward Tibetan Buddhists, condemned some to death, used the “evil worship” charge to put down the Falung Gong.  Junta leaders threatened to take over Taiwan, and disputed two islands in the South China Sea with a great quantity of oil.

They dreamt of expansionism over the continent of Asia and forced neighbors like Vietnam to land and sea concession.

Crime:  “Teach Vietnam a lesson” in 1979, put down the Tiannaman Square demonstration with bloody measures in June of 1989, the Uighur movement, Tibetan Buddhists, Falung Gong, and the dissidents and opponents.

  1. Vietnam’s Communist Junta

This communist gang blatantly violated the 1973 Paris Agreement, invaded South Vietnam, imprisoned and ill-treated millions of Southern officers, government officials, and civilians, robbed people of their properties through three rounds of money exchange, nationalized people’s lands and factories, confiscated the South government officials’ and capitalists’ properties.

They also repressed Buddhism, Christianity, Cao Dai, and Hoa Hao religions, persecuted, maltreated, and imprisoned political dissidents, especially applying harsh media censoring to put all democracy activists into jails with charges of spying, violated all the human rights, establishing a state religion, registering residence, using discrimination policy against the South regime members, new economic zones, and established house arrest under a one-party totalitarian rule.

Crime:  Invasion of Cambodia; 1968 Tet (New Year) General Offensive; violation of 1973 Paris Agreement to invade Vietnam in 1975; putting down the uprising of central highlanders in February 2001; causing million of people to escape and hundred thousand of them to die in the ocean.

  1. Fidel Castro

Castro sent advisors, mercenairies and weapons to help communist rebels in Africa, South America to cause troubles to or overthrow the local governments with the ambition to redden the whole world under his masters’ order: the Soviet Union and China.

He has a total control over his people, robs them of all human rights, causing waves of refugees to leave the country on rafts.  He forces people to vote for a policy of converting Cuba to a permanent Socialist country to annul the Varela project of the opposition group who demand democracy, freedom, and human rights without one-party rule, then put dissidents in jail, or execute them.

Crime:  1961 Cuban Missile crisis, 1960 Bay of Pig massacre.

  1. Coup d’etat, Revolt, serial killing…

Coups d’etat  and  revolts  spread out  in  Central Africa since 1995.

Ethnic cleansing  among the Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda, with hundreds of thousand deaths, tribal killing feud took tens of thousands of lives in Congo.

Serbians and other ethnic groups massacre in the Balkans was provoked by nationalist chauvinism.  Rich people or adversaries were kidnapped for ransom, hostages were beheaded by Abu Sayyaf terrorists, the extended hand of al Qaeda in the Philippines.

A Maoist group rebelled in Nepal to overthrow the constitutional monarchy, causing 5 thousand casualties.

Dismissed soldiers in the Ivory Coast revolted against the government.

Two snipers killed 10 people and injured 3 in Washington D. C., Virginia, and Maryland during 18 days, causing chaos with the threat, “Your kids won’t be safe anywhere at anytime!”


  1. Religion


Muslim militants attacked all other religions from every side.  Islam and Hinduism killed each other in Pakistan-India wars, clashed in India and Kashmir.  Muslim militants killed Christian followers in Indonesia, Pakistan, and the Philippines.  Islam decisively battled Judaism in the Middle East.  Muslims destroyed one another among the Sunni and Shi’ite throughout the Iran-Iraq war, though both worshipped Allah and the prophet Muhammed!  Terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah had the ambition to establish a Muslim Federation in Southeast Asia.  Fanatic Muslim clerics desired to convert the world to the Muslim religion and applied Sharia law which prohibits television and music; amputates petty thieves; lynches converts; prohibits women to study, work, vote, run for election, drive a car, or go out alone.  Women being pregnant out of wedlock would be stoned to death in Nigeria.  A young girl was raped by a group of men as punishment because her brother had sexual relations with a lady in a higher class in Pakistan.  Female children’s clitorises are removed to eliminate their sexual arousal in parts of Africa.  And even non-Muslim young couples in Malaysia were to be fined at eight US dollars for their holding hands in public, and adults could be fined to 13,000 dollars and 5-year in prison if they possessed sex videos or books, because it was Muslim law in a country with only 50% of its population Muslim.  What a law!

  1. Other Religions

There were religious leaders who killed their followers by series or organized the mass suicides to avoid the end of the world in order to go to paradise early!  We were outraged when tyrants robbed people of the right of religious freedom.  And we were more outraged when there were organizations, individuals, powers… the bad apples, abusing divine rights and bringing misfortune, death, sufferings, and terror down upon mankind, and abusing their followers’ beliefs for their dark, selfish, and sick schemes.  Religion should be conceived as a supernatural philosophy that brings peace, love, a noble mind to the human spirit, conscience, and soul.  Religion should not pretend to be a ladder bridging the earth and paradise, fantasize Heaven and Nirvana as a seduction.  “Buddha exists in people’s hearts” and “There is no paradise” as Pope John Paul II affirmed.  Religion must help convert the earth, the earthly hell to earthly paradise, so that mankind can enjoy happiness from the cradle to the grave.

What did the United Nations and especially the Security Council do with these problems?  Almost nothing!  They blindfolded themselves before the deaths of three millions innocent people of ethnic cleansing in Rwanda, Congo, Central Africa, Balkan, Kosovo… without interference.  They only paid lip sevice to wars, conflicts, genocides, massacre, repression, exploitation, tyranny… because they were busy with or concerned about power struggle among sects, groups, camps, countries.  They even stood by to watch Aung San Syu Kyi, a legally elected president with a landslide, to be kept under house arrest for more than a decade and felt satisfied when she was released, let hanging around with a limited freedom, instead of forcing the Burmese Junta out of power with a couple of Tomahawks (“Tomahawk policy” should replace “Gun Boat policy” to get rid of petty tyrants and military Juntas”), but not helped her take back her mandated authority.  Even if she was to be assassinated with a premeditated accident, for example, it was sure that their opposition and protest would last at maximum for a few months and everything would become normal again in this New World Disorder.  This Junta already rehearsed with Newin most powerful family when it made up story to charge Newin’s son-in-law and grand sons of treason with death sentences and got no problem with it.  However, the heartless and brainless people’s mind get still expected that the Security Council with its outdated “policy of no interference in other countries’ affairs” would support your waging war if Saddam continued to contempt the UN Resolutions and argued that without this good-for-nothing council’s approval, the liberation war against Saddam would be illegal, illegitimate, unjust and worth condemnation!  And if, after Saddam being removed from power, they could charge you of misleading the people if the WMD could not be found because Saddam already destroyed them right after you delivered the ultimatum to him and his family.  They did not recognize that Saddam, Kim Jong Il and other tyrants were the most dangeoues WMD!



  1. Why Was the World in Crisis?

Those who were against globalism argued that it was globalism that engendered poverty, tragic plight: the rich become richer, the poor poorer.  Poverty was the origin of all misfortunes: illiteracy, unemployment, injustice, unhappiness, crisis, terrorism…  To reason this way is no different than the case of the blind man who touched an elephant’s tail and claimed that an elephant seemed like a broom.  We should dig deeper to the roots of all problems, because all the problems originate from mad tyrants and tyrant junta.  Why?

  1. Repression

To survive, tyrants must use force, violence, iron hands, bloody hands to kill, imprison, torture, and maltreat their people.  Discontent sprouted and developed from repression.

  1. Exploitation

All tyrants lust for luxury, extravagancy, and pleasure; therefore, they must exploit and pitilessly plunder people’s properties.  The rich become poor; the poor even poorer; the hunger and poverty spread out to reach all due to exploitation.

  1. Foolish ambition

Tyrants are foolishly ambitious brutes, ready to stretch out their fangs and claws against their neighbors to fulfill the expansionist dreams.  War explodes, destroys, and annihilates.  So poverty originates from tyrants’ exploitation, discontent arises from tyrants’ repression, and war from tyrants’ foolish ambition. People have only three options: to bow and be resigned to their fate as animals to serve tyrants, to bravely stand up and oppose tyrants, or to commit suicide due to desperation and hopelessness.

  1. On Behalf of What Did Tyrants Sit Astride Over Their Ruled’s Neck?

Kings and lords of times past self-claimed God’s son.  Contemporary kings and lords rule on behalf of their heritage (property and throne), on behalf of the merit of founding and defending the country of their family lines.  Monarchical tyrants, democratic tyrants, militarist tyrants as well as populist tyrants, in the past and nowadays, in fact, were bestowed with the supreme power not from God but from profit-seeking people, the heartless, the shameless, the inhuman, the affectionless, the apathetic, the irresponsible, the sophists, the demagogues, and the hypocrites.  The feudal tyrants were armed by their flattering subjects with swords, lances, bows, and arrows.  Communists tyrants were armed by atheistic subjects with hammers and sickles. Militarist tyrants by military subjects with weapons and ammunitions to the teeth.  Religious tyrants by religious subjects with hatred, fanaticism, and suicide bombs.  These were objective factors.  The subjective factor was fear or specifically cowardice.  Because of fearing death, people dared not resist tyrants and finally were killed by tyrants.  Because of fearing imprisonment and torture, people yielded, letting tyrants freely do evil things and transforming the whole country into a gigantic prison to maltreat and torture them. Because of fearing war, the pacifists became defeatists.  Because of fearing to lose elections, power, influence, and interests, selfish leaders only worried about their existence and survival, and blindfolded their eyes to mankind’s sufferings.  On behalf of fear, the sniper bulged out his chest to declare, “I am God,” having an absolute right of life and death.  On behalf of fear, 10 hijackers cruelly massacred 3,000 innocent people at will without resistance.  Let alone tyrants!  Why have the majority always submitted themselves to the minority’s will?  Fear!  Why could the criminal who killed one man be punished by justice but the tyrant who killed millions of people escape justice safely?  Fear!

Instead of unifying on a global scale to get rid of tyrant Saddam, the majority of people and governments, including US allies, angrily and harshly condemned America of its military campaign to liberate the Iraqi slaves. Germany was writhing under tyrant Hitler’s and the Communists’ bloody hands.  Nevertheless, the German people could not commune with the similar hardship that the Iraqi people must resign themselves to tolerate under tyrant Saddam’s prongs of pincers.  Instead of being enthusiastic and active like Tony Blair, Chancellor Gerhard Schroder opposed Knight Bush in his mission to eradicate malefactors and tyrants, and declared, “Germany will not take part in any military action against Saddam,” and “I squarely reject any kind of second resolution endorsing automatic military action without the U. N. consent.”  The German Justice Minister compared Bush’s policy with Hitler’s!  Schroder’s only motive was to get a vote and cover big German companies that had sold banned materials and instruments to Iraq for making WMD, ignoring the U. N. sanction.

Pope John Paul II, who received revelations from God, once was praised as a hero for his contribution to the liberation of Poland, his homeland, from the Communist yoke.  He still did not understand thoroughly the very miserable, desperate fate of the ruled, oppressed, and exploited in Iraq; he declared publicly his opposition to the war of liberation, and condemned Bush of a grave responsibility to God, thereby helping to perpetrate the tyrant Saddam’s reign on behalf of bubble peace, unjust justice, and unfortunate welfare.

Fifty Britons volunteered to be human shields in Baghdad for fame, not out of pity for the suffering of Iraqi slaves.  It was proved by the decision of twenty of them who left Baghdad for Jordan with the excuse that Saddam forced them to be shields at dangerous strategic places while they chose safe places such as hospitals, power plants, or water works.  The cowards who looked for instant fame decided to withdraw because they knew that war was inevitable.  They had already achieved their end: “Instant fame,” so why should they stay for a sure death?  It was a vile, mean farce!  One thousand Australian exhibitionists exploited a chance to exhibit their sexual organs without fine, lied in form to set up words: peace and love (the heart image).  Drug addicts took a chance to participate in anti-war demonstrations to demand their rights of using drugs.

Instead of condemning Kim Jong-Il for his kidnapping, killing, and hostage-taking and demanding him to be charged, compensate, and free all hostages, the Japanese government pleaded with him and begged his consideration for five Japanese victims to remain in Japan and their children and husbands to be allowed to have a reunion in Japan.  It was totally a shame, a dishonor!  It was a way to encourage tyrants to continue doing evil things at will.  His crimes must be convicted before the International Criminal Court and punished.  The North Korean regime deserves to be destroyed.  Nevertheless, many groups urge for negotiation and more aid, expecting his kindness through cooperative commitment even though he never showed his gratitude and mutual concession, but continued to use “blackmail” policies.

Kim’s masters: China, Russia and other pacifist leaders demanded a peaceful solution to appease him for a bubble peace.  South Korea’s leader Kim Dae Jung continued his “Sunshine Policy,” willing to pay half million US dollars to have a summit with him for Nobel Prize.  He also apologized to Tran Duc Luong, Vietnam’s Communist President, during Tran’s tour of Seoul, for the Korean Army’s participation in the Allied Forces in the Vietnam War!

Many groups jumped in to make profit in order to help Kim Jong-Il perpetuate his rule and the Stalinist regime that lived at the expense of World Charity to feed its starving people, and most importantly, they helped to legalize the tyrant’s rights.

Christopher Hitchens, the author of “The Trial of Henry Kissinger,” blamed Kissinger for 3 million Laotian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Bangladeshi, and East Timorese deaths and criticized that “the 1968 Treaty and the 1977 Treaty were no different.  The only difference was 1½ million more Vietnam deaths.” Christopher did not know that had America not intervened to defend South Vietnam, the casualties would have been higher than 3 million deaths, because Red Khmer alone did genocide against 1.7 million people in the total of a 7 million population.  When the Vietcong broke into many cities in South Vietnam in 1968, they had already beheaded thousands of people and buried them in gigantic collective tombs as in the city of Hue, because at that time their blood thirst reached its climax in the Tet General Offensive.  They should not be treated with consideration as in the period of April 30, 1975, when one hundred thousand dreadful deaths occurred followed by no-charge, no-sentence imprisonments of one million South Vietnamese officials in Reeducation Camps.

It was the very way of thinking, seeing and acting of the pacifists and defeatists nowadays and in the past, such as in World War II, as well as writers such as Christopher Hitchens, of peace vultures like Jesse Jackson, of 6 million anti-war demonstrators in 600 cities, of the innocent, childish, selfish, profit-seeking, outdated, backward, antiquated minds that encouraged tyrants, legalized them, legitimated them, perpetrated their existence and total reign.

  1. Why Did Tyrants Survive?

Tyrants survive, thanks to profit-seeking, religious and racial bias, and survival conserving.  Fearing the loss of lucrative contracts already signed with Saddam, fearing the Muslim civilization and Arab race to be downgraded to second class, fearing one’s self and family line losing their royalty, many world leaders continued to back Saddam even though they understood that Saddam was more dangerous than bin Laden because he had the army and the financial capability of a strong country; Saddam colluded, sponsored, and protected the al Qaeda and Taliban on their run; Saddam was willing to supply terrorists with WMD to realize his expansionist dream in the Middle East and cause instability, unrest, and chaos for world security and peace.  To return a favor to Saddam, bin Laden in his last three declarations appealed to the Muslim and Arab world to defend Saddam by any means and threatened to blow up more Twin Towers and massacre more innocents if America attacked Saddam.

  1. Answers to Ways of Reasoning against War to Liberate Iraq
  2. Innocent, Childish

You prepared to carry out your knightly mission, on behalf of God to act, but a US senator questioned:  “Is Iraq an imminent threat?”  This was an idea of “waiting until the water reaches one’s feet to jump.”  When water reached his feet, he could not jump in time because it was too late.  Then he would accuse, “Did the CIA and FBI have knowledge and information about the situation?”  Another US senator compared your military act against Saddam (to punish a terrorist state to save the oppressed) with China’s invading Taiwan (a terrorist state to take over a democratic, free country by force).  It was obvious that these people could not distinguish between just and unjust, liberation and conquest.  It was even Kofi Annan who still naively declared, “The future of Iraq must be decided by Iraqi people!” even though he understood that the Iraqi people were totally powerless in their decision to save themselves, let alone to decide Iraq’s fate and future.

  1. War made more foes, less friends

Some reasoned, “If America does not attack Saddam, Saddam may or may not attack America.  But if America does attack Saddam, he will surely fight back.”  Others affirmed, “War will make more foes and less friends, enable more terrorists.”  Evidence 1: America attacked Saddam in the first Gulf War and Saddam was unable to fight back , only running for his life.  Evidence 2: The Vietnam War did not make more foes and fewer friends.  On the contrary, the Vietcong used to condemn America as cruel imperialists, an archenemy with whom they could not share the same sky, now they tried in a hurry to be U. S. henchmen.  The Afghanistan War got rid of the majority of enemies, not only U. S.’ enemies, but also mankind’s enemies, and after being liberated, the Afghan people considered America not only a friend, but also a liberator and savior.  Wars to overthrow Saddam and Kim Jong-Il would liberate millions of slaves. They would bear in their minds this grace forever.  These good-for-nothing military advisors do not grasp thoroughly the situation in which 74% of Iraqi people desired to have normal relations with America.  Iraqi people are crazy about U. S. culture.  To counteract Saddam’s nonsense, maniac, non-stop propaganda machine all day long, Iraqi people, all night long, listen to American Rock music and watch U. S. soap operas and martial arts movies.  Saddam himself must make concession by reserving a State channel to broadcast Rock music 24/7 as a measure to prevent demonstrations demanding regime change.

  1. Vietnam Symptom

Until this time, there were still those ignorant of current events, reminding Vietnam Symptom, fearing a similar quagmire in Iraq.  The military operation in Afghanistan swept violently and at a lightning speed, like an actual storm, enabling the liberation of Afgahnistan to be accomplished within weeks.  Kandahar collapsed so quickly that the most optimistic were in shock.  Iraqi Republican Guards have already tasted the flavoring of Desert Storm, witnessed the rout in disorder of Taliban soldiers; therefore, most of them would desert and get away at the first “shock and awe” overture of the decapitation mass air-strike and the Operation Iraqi Freedom could be finished within a month.

  1. Blood Bath

Others fantasized a threat, “There would be bloodbaths in Iraq after Saddam is removed from power,” due to hatred and hostilities among three different opponents: The Sunni, Shi’ite, and Kurds.  This reasoning inadvertently justified Saddam’s dictatorial and brutal rule.  It meant that thanks to Saddam, the conflict among these three opponents was restrained and solved instead of condemning Saddam as the culprit who created this “cooking one’s flesh in a boiler made of one’s own skin” (the fratricide), the deep division between ethnicity and religion if this tragedy did occur.  History did prove that no blood bath took place between the Russians and people of countries being oppressed and exploited under the Soviet Union’s domination, as well as in East Europe after Communist rampart in the Soviet Union collapsed.  No blood bath in South Africa after the Apartheid regime was overthrown.  The native blacks were willing to cohabitate with their old enemy and oppressor in a reconciliatory and tolerant policy.  No blood bath happened in Cambodia after genocidal Red Khmer was ousted.  In Afghanistan, there were only a few violations of human rights because the Kabul administration could not control the whole country.  If there were vengeance, the Iraqi people would aim it at Saddam, his family, and the Republican Guard’s killing machine.  If they escaped the war unpunished, they must be brought before the future Iraqi Criminal Court to answer for their crimes against humanity, genocidal crimes, and war crimes.

A blood bath only occurred when a democratic regime was replaced by a dictatorial regime.  Typical examples were the bloody revolutions by totalitarian dictatorship such as in the Soviet Union in 1917, China in 1949, and East Europe after WW II and Vietnam in 1945 and 1975.

In case of Iraq, there could be a probability that the Shi’ite, who occupied 60% of the Iraqi population, could cause some troubles because their religious leader al-Hakim, after having returned home from Iran’s exile, would, under Khamini’s influence and pressure, demand that Iran’s image be reconstructed in Iraq; that means, Saddam’s secular dictatorship would be replaced by a religious authoritarianism if America let this religious proxy proceed with his sick fantasy.

  1. Self-Interest of the Capitalists

Foreign investors considered security as a major factor in their investment strategies.  The majority of them chose China, the country with safety in security, because its dictatorial regime applied strong measures to control its borders and its people in an effort to prevent terrorist penetration and activities.  Considering dictatorship as a strong point to maintain law and order, they indirectly encouraged dictators and tyrants, helping China to strengthen its economy and realize its dreams of an Asian locomotive and its hegemony in Asia.
6.    Blame and Attribution

Along with political dealers were the irresponsible.  They did not throw themselves into (get involved in) the problem solving but were ready to criticize, to blame others for all the troubles.  The President of the Green Party and leader of English Catholicism in Australia blamed the government policy supporting Bush’s war against terrorism for the Bali tragedy.  If al Qaeda wanted to have an effective retaliation against John Howard, they should do it in Sydney, Melbourne, or Canberra as they did with airplane bombs in New York and Washington, D. C., instead of bombing in Indonesia, where the government had a reconciliatory and compromising policy toward terrorists to cause the Indonesian tourist industry to go bankrupt.  They blamed the U. S. Army for 10 deaths and 3 injuries because sniper Allen Muhammed was a sergeant in the U. S. Army, trained to be a sharpshooter.  They did not pay attention to his inclination against America, pro 9-11 terrorists.  So they had to blame the male gender because he was a male, race according to his skin color, but not religion just because he had already converted to Islam.  Blaming Islam would be punished by terrorists!  No plan to prevent the 9-11 event was to be criticized.  Preparing a plan to ward off the next 9-11 event from happening again also was to be criticized.  There was no way to satisfy all people.

These compromisers and surrenderers needed to learn the lesson of the Vietnamese community in America. In the first period, they compromised with surrender due to a fear of vengeance.  The more they compromised, the more the assassins murdered, robbed, and raped.  Being pushed to the wall, they reacted – not only by reporting criminals to the police, volunteering to be witnesses before the court, but also by punishing the assassins by themselves in self-defense.  The crime was to be stopped; most of the murderers were either in jail or in tombs.  Terrorists are similar to these murderers.  We stepped back; they advanced. They massacred people at random, trigger-happily.  To be in the wrong place at the wrong time was to die. Before bombing some places, they did not care to notify beforehand the Green Party’s President and the leader of English Catholicism to avoid the crime scene to show their appreciation for them.

  1. Teach a Lesson

Instead of confronting the enemies, many leaders ran away or buried their heads in the sand, supposing that with their compromise, their concession or collusion with terrorists (state or group terrorists), they would be spared and let alone.  But in stark contrast, terrorists opened their eyes with the attack of a French oil tanker in Yemen and the bombing of Bali in Indonesia.  Warmongers like Russia invading Chechnya, and China threatening to take over Taiwan, “teaching Vietcong a lesson,” now changed their deceitful and tricky tune against war and pro-peace, grasping the opportunity to compromise with Saddam and rampant evil forces. Russia was unmasked by Chechnyan rebels in the hostage-taking at the Moscow Theater.  The rebels demanded Russia to stop aggression and withdraw its troops from their homeland.  We had sympathy for their cause but “the end cannot justify the means.”

  1. Anti-War Demonstrations

Besides politicians, statesmen of four categories – profit-seeking, racial and religious bias, survival-conserving, anti-war/peace vultures like Jesse Jackson – contributed their great part in maintaining Saddam’s survival.  Anti-war demonstrators in the 1960s and 70s had labeled Just Cause to the Vietcong’s tyrannical regime.  Six million anti-war demonstrators had sold Just Cause to Saddam, Kim Jong-Il, and other tyrants.  King’s followers took to the streets on King’s birthday to oppose the liberation war without understanding his “Justice – Injustice Principle.”  Instead of using their free tongues to defend and save the weak and oppressed, they used their freely false tongues to manipulate the situation.  They exploited their freedom, and in doing so, supplied Saddam with scotch tape, bandages, and cloths to gag his people. Saddam and terrorist fund-raising charities could fund these movements with million-dollar checks. Saddam could reason, “They are against Bush,” that means, “pro-Saddam; Bush unjust, Saddam just; Bush evil, Saddam a saint.  Saddam’s tyrannical rule agreed with mankind; that means, it consented to God’s will!”

Anti-war demonstrators were often comprised of three kinds of people: The leaders were profit-seekers in the opposition parties.  Their objective was to smear the prestige of parties in power, draw voters to their camp, and dispute for leadership in the next election.  Peace vultures like Jesse Jackson, the second kind, were professional demonstrators, and their followers, were those who lead idle lives and lived from day-to-day without thinking of tomorrow, or specifically enjoying their leisure time while waiting for their next welfare checks.  They live bored and meaningless lives.  They participated in a demonstration as a festival to dissipate their dull lives, to amuse themselves and to have some achievement to boast away their time, or perhaps even to get instant fame if their pictures luckily appeared in the media.  The third kind was comprised of good people, having generous hearts.  They loved peace and hated war, worried about war calamities and catastrophes, and feared that the Iraqi people could become war victims.  They were exploited by the leaders in the first and second categories for their own interest.  Each time I heard Jackson cry, “Give peace a chance!” or, “No blood for oil,” the first association appearing in my mind was flyworms in the outdoor water closet in communist prisons.  Millions of worms competed with one another to emerge from the cave full of excrement.  They struggled to emerge to the top, then fell back down… emerged then fell again… incessantly.  Some succeeded in getting out to the ground but were trampled to death; some survived and became flies.  Jackson never metamorphosed into a fly, like Jane Fonda, to have a clear-sighted vision from a fly’s position, and apologize for past mistakes.  Jackson, after getting out of the excrement, was kicked back down for embezzling from the fund, and the second time because of an out-of-wedlock child.  The rise and fall, the vicissitudes of his life, have caused many miseries to the pariahs and oppressed.

Anti-war activists cheered peace but did not care what kind of peace, even the ephemeral, transitory, and bubble gum peace, which the tyrants could squeeze to break anytime according to their paranoid, maniacal whims.  Anti-war activists against the Vietnam War should experience the Hanoi fire oven: “Hilton Hotel,” and anti-war demonstrators against the war liberating the Iraqi people should experience Baghdad’s solitary confinements, so they would know the true and untrue peace, and recognize which one was more important for the slaves: Peace or Freedom.  The Iraqi people were longing for the day when America launched an attack to overthrow Saddam, while peace vultures were trying to quench their hopes and dreams at the very beginning!  The people who must take to the streets to support wholeheartedly the liberation of their country were 4 million Iraqis overseas, but, unfortunately, they did not care to grasp their precious opportunity to save their country and people!  What an irresponsibility, cowardice, and conscientiouslessness!


  1. Why Did Tyrants Enable Terrorists?

Under the brutal and inhuman rule of tyrants, the people had only three choices:

  1. Confrontation

The brave, unyielding, fearless, audacious… would stand up to confront tyrants through demonstrations, revolts, coups d’etat…  These rare and precious heroes would be imprisoned, deported, exiled, or executed.

  1. Submission

Those who were avid for living and fearful of death bowed their heads in submission, resigned themselves to the fate of slaves and animals.  Like animals they fought each other for petty favors; life became bitter and more painful.  Some were struck by luck, trusted by the tyrants, given favor, willing to be tyrants’ repressive instruments.  Some counted tyrants’ authority, considering themselves petty tyrants, causing the slaves’ lives more misery and suffering.

  1. Suicide

Some still had a conscience, were not willing to accept the slaves’ and animals’ lives, but lacked the courage, ability, or determination to stand up and confront tyrants; therefore, they chose suicidal solutions to escape their karma due to their hopelessness.  Besides them were desperate young people under tyranny without future and in destitution, having their personal problems.  In their eyes, life was worse than death.  They were objects the four subject groups looked for (Flattering, atheistic, military, or religious subjects, tyrants’ right hands, and allies).  Being employed at important positions and backed by tyrants, they assumed responsibility to convert the discontent of the hopeless from tyrants toward tyrants’ enemies.  On the one side, the hopeless died meaninglessly, aimlessly, uselessly, anonymously of suicide alone quietly; and on the other side, they died as suicide bombers with honor, glory, with reward (US$25,000 from Saddam), and with the promise of paradise:  “The traditions of Muhammed state that a shahid’s (martyr’s) sin will be forgiven when he sheds his first drop of blood; he can invite 70 relatives to paradise and will himself be married there to 72 beautiful virgins!”

Many al Qaeda terrorists (with different nationalities) and many Palestinian suicide bombers in all their lives never saw or met an American, never had any grudge, resentment, hatred against Americans, but they were poisoned, brain washed and indoctrinated by extremist Muslim clerics with thoughts of hatred and revenge.  Instead of sacrificing themselves to fight against tyrants, they sacrificed their lives to fight against Americans, Westerners, and the Christian civilization… according to their clerics’ orders and demands.

Banding together with them were some of those who were born to be serial killers in the free and rich countries.  Instead of killing a dozen of innocent people according to their blood-thirsty craziness and paying for their crimes by being shot to death on the spot or waiting for their doomsday on death row with disgrace and shame, they volunteered to serve tyrants and their henchmen or cooperate with terrorist groups to receive finance and weapons so they could kill more people and die a martyr’s death with fanciful honor and paradise.

Therefore, to prepare for a New World Order, first of all the world needs to eradicate tyrants and the four Subject Groups.



  1. To Redefine Sovereignty, Self-Determination, Rights…

International laws were based on notions of “National Sovereignty, National Self-Determination, Territorial Integrity, each country possessing its own laws, the existence right, no intervention in the internal affairs of other countries…”

Tyrants usually cite national sovereignty; Kim Jong Il did the same:  “America must respect the sovereignty of North Korea”… to rape the rights of mastery of the North Korean people, to expand his mastery to continue to oppress and exploit his miserable slaves.  In fact, tyrants converted all of the above-mentioned national and individual rights into their own rights.  They deducted these notions according to their own viewpoints: “Sovereignty turned into the tyrant’s mastery, public properties as tyrants’ private properties.  The self-determination and remaining rights were tyrants’ rights to decide, putting the whole nation’s destiny under tyrants’ right of life and death over territorial integrity, from north to south, and east to west.  Each tyrant possessed his own jungle lawto assure his right of existence and his total rule, and no person, power, or country had the right to intervene in his internal affairs, even the affairs of exploiting and oppressing his people!  The Iraqi Congress exploited these rights by declaring, “The U. N. violated Iraq’s sovereignty by approving Resolution 1441.”  Russia also used this outdated reasoning, “It was Russia’s internal affairs” to invade Chechnya and keep its domination on this miserable country whose history was a series of long years of being under the harsh rule of Russia, including being deported because it rejected Stalin’s order of collectivism.  Putin and Jiang backed Saddam because they were the same kind of tyrants. If they denounced Saddam, they denounced themselves.

Tyrants were those who betrayed their countries and harmed their people, but they used to convict the patriots for the crime of treason!  Communist tyrants usually employed the police and army to repress people, but they named these terror instruments “people’s police” and “people’s army!”  Communist tyrants were atheistic, dictatorial, one-party rulers who decisively and cruelly repressed religions, squeezed to death all human rights and their opponents, but always kept talking the same old, abused, ear-shocking slogans, “China and Vietnam did not have political and religious prisoners… only criminals who violated the state’s criminal code.”

In order to establish a “New World Order,” the basic and pre-requisite conditions were to redefine the above-mentioned rights to be the rights of the country and people, not tyrants’ rights.  Only leaders who were elected in free and fair elections supervised by the U. N. could have the right to claim these rights. These rights would only be accepted by the U. N. and other countries when these leaders satisfied all stipulated standards: no support to racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, or ideological conflicts; no expansionism; no xenophobia; and their countries must be law-ruled, pluralist, multi-partied; and their laws must conform to international laws.

The other measure to prevent conspiracy with tyrants was that all the debts owed and contracts signed by tyrants would not be considered as national debts and national contracts.  Iraqi people would not be responsible for Saddam’s deals in business, finance… with France, Germany, Russia… as well as Vietnamese people for VietCong’s treaty about territorial concessions with China… for example.

B.  Standard of a New World Order

In order to achieve this New World Order, we need to reconstruct the world, transforming the U.N. into an effective establishment, a locomotive to lead the world.

C.  What Is a True New World Order?

It is a world with peace, security, stability, prosperity, and tolerance.  Everyone on this earth, regardless of his nation, country, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, social class, party… should be allowed to enjoy all the inalienable human rights stipulated by the U. N. Human Rights Charter.  All national leaders must be elected according to above-mentioned regulations.  There are no tyrants or dictators; no revolts, coups d’etat, wars, conflicts, terrorism, ethnic cleansings, or hegemony.  Each country has friendly relations with the others; all are equal counterparts, mutual partners in the globalized economic mechanism.  Each country, according to its comparable advantage, assumes the function of producing and supplying merchandises to the region or the world, and on the contrary, is satisfied with fair, logical consumption demands.  There are no situations in which the North is too rich while the South is too poor; countries burned grains to keep the price high while others had no rice and ate tree bark and weeds to survive.  In the New World Order, there are no rich countries which exploit poor ones; no strong countries which bully the weak ones.  There are no kinds of competition to destroy and eliminate others, causing the world to incessantly fall into the cycle of economic crises.  Competition is through emulation to excel and improve the welfare of mankind.


X.  The Reconstruction of the United Nations


The UN’s future needs to be reconstructed into a Federal Institution.  America is the superpower of a uni-polar world.  It must exhaust its invincible power in this rare time with a unique opportunity to reconstruct a New World Order.

  1. The UN Federation

In the period of the Cold War and before, America couldn’t make any difference because it must confront heavyweight opponents such as Hitler of Germany, Stalin of the Soviet Union, and Mao Zedong of China. Nowadays, the balance of power is different and America is the only superpower that can change the world.  It needs to grasp this unique opportunity to reconstruct a New World Order.  Due to the new trend of globalism, alliance, coalition of different countries in different regions in the economic domains, such as APEC, NAFTA, ECOWACS, CARRIBEAN… and free trade zones going to take form: FEAA in America, China – ASEAN with 1,200 US billion value and 1.7 billion population, Japan – ASEAN with 5,000 US billion, and the prospect of India – ASEAN.

The UN’s future needs to be reconstructed into a Federal Institution.  From 190 UN members, the UN should be streamlined into 13 states.  It comprises 5 states with 5 superpowers having strong economic and military potentials, such as the USA, China, Russia, Australia & New Zealand, and Canada, called Nation States; and 8 states of 8 blocks based on geo-politics such as the EU, the Arab League, the North-Eastern Asia, the ASEAN, South & Central America, Central Asia, and the African Union, called Block States.  The vote reserved for each Nation State and Block State is based on the proportion of its GDP (Gross National Product) compared to the GWP (Gross World Product), the proportion of its military forces and the sophistication of its weapons and equipments compared to that of world forces, including important factors such as its population, area, level of education – science – technology, income per capita, etc.

The UN States are classified  — according to this 100-point scale

  1. The USA                                        20
  2. The EU                                        15
    3.    China                                           10
  3. Arab League                                         10
    5.    North-Eastern Asia                       7
  4. Russia                                                     7
  5. Australia & New Zealand             5
  6. ASEAN                                          5
  7. Canada                                          5
  8. South & Central America             4
  9. South Asia                                    4
  10. Central Asia                                 4
  11. African Union                                        4


When voting on a policy or resolution, each president of the 5 Nation States or 8 Block States of 13 has the number of votes according to this scale.

For Example:  South & Central America, South Asia, the African Union, each Block State has 4 votes.  The United States has 20 votes because it has the strongest economy and most powerful military forces, compared to the world economy and military forces in 20% proportion.  The authority must go along with the duty.  The U.S.A. must contribute 20% to the U. N. budget, while the African Union would only be responsible for 4% of the U. N. budget.  The total votes of 51 or 51+ are a majority.  With this majority, the U. N. could pass or veto a U. N. policy or resolution.  The veto privilege of five permanent members of the U. N. Security Council must be canceled because of all the troubles originating from this illogical privilege in the balance of power in the contemporary time.  Moreover, as stated above, China, Russia, and France do not deserve to have this powerful right and abuse it for their own interests, causing a lot of problems in the past and present time.  The outlined classification and scale would be updated every five years, shorter or longer span, according to the world balance of power, at the time.

  1. The U. N. Institution

The U. N. will be comprised of two major institutions:  The Presidential General Assembly and the Ministerial General Assembly.

  1. Presidential General Assembly

Would be comprised of incumbent Presidents of 13 states.  Thirteen Presidents would elect the U. N. President with a 2-year term.  The Block States’ Presidents would be elected by incumbent Presidents of all nations in the same Block States with 2-year terms.  The U. N. Vice-President should be the most talented and qualified in leadership, selected through job interviews and an exam.  He would assume responsibility for administrating the Presidential General Assembly during the time when all Presidents have returned to their state offices.  The Presidential General Assembly should have monthly sessions at the U. N. Headquarters and irregular sessions via video conference calls or a similar method.  The Presidential General Assembly would be responsible for approving, rejecting, and amending policies and resolutions submitted by the five ministries of the Ministerial General Assembly.

  1. Ministerial General Assembly

Would be comprised of five Ministries: The Foreign Ministry, The Defense-Security Ministry, the Ministry of Economy, the Justice Ministry, and the Ministry of Education-Culture-Public Health.  Each Ministry would contain 13 incumbent Ministers of 13 states.  The U. N. Minister of each Ministry would be elected by 13 State Ministers in the same Ministry.  The Ministers of Block States would be elected by incumbent Ministers of all nations in the same Block States.  The U. N. Minister General of the Ministerial General Assembly would be elected by five U. N. Ministers.  The Vice Minister General of the Ministerial General Assembly and Vice Ministers of five U. N. Ministries would be the most qualified experts in Economy, Foreign Affairs, Defense-Security, Justice, Education-Public Health.  Each position has a two-year term.  They assume the responsibility of administrating the U. N. Ministerial General Assembly and U. N. Ministries when all State Ministers have returned to their state offices.  The Ministerial General Assembly and U. N. Ministries would have monthly sessions at the U. N. Headquarters and irregular sessions via video conference calls or a similar method.  The Ministerial General Assembly would assume functions for planning, supervising, controlling, and the implementation of U. N. policies and resolutions.  The U. N. President, the Block State Presidents, the Minister General of the U.N. Ministerial General Assembly, the U. N. Ministers, and the Ministers of all Block States must be elected rather than being chosen by in-turn selection, to have prestige and the true power for leadership.

  1. Function of the U. N. Ministries
  2. The UN Foreign Ministry – Would assume the responsibility of solving all problems relating to foreign affairs among the 13 states.
  3. The UN Defense-Security Ministry – Would be comprised of four major forces: Interpol, NATO, the  U. N. Peace-Keeping  Force,  and  the  Regional  Multi-National  Forces.   The U. N.  Security-Defense Ministry would deploy NATO, the U. N. Peace-Keeping Force, the military forces, and weapons from 13 states to hot spots according to the serious degree of the events.  This Ministry would replace the U. N. Security Council, having functions such as maintaining world security, peace and stability; solving all the military conflicts and disputes; suppressing all terrorist groups, sea piracy, air hijacks, organized crime, drug smuggling, human trafficking, ethnic cleansing, revolt, coups d’etat against legal governments, repression of state members with hegemonic ambitions (regional as well as international), tyrannical potentials; carrying out weapons control, and reducing weapons stock especially WMD according to each situation.  The CIA, Intelligence Agencies of Russia, England, France, and Israel… would all belong to Interpol to coordinate their jobs in investigating interstate and global crimes.
  4. The UN Ministry of Education, Culture, and Public Health – Would supervise and follow-up the activities of related state ministries, obligatory education for secondary school with one major foreign language: English was required in 13 states.  Would standardize the education program.  Each state’s diploma would have federal validation in the 13 states.  Would teach altruism, tolerance to replace individualism, intolerance; would embrace multi-formed and synthesized culture, and eliminate step-by-step all outdated languages and customs.  Would teach health care practices and preventative knowledge about contemporary diseases.  Would have a policy that would oblige all the big drug corporations to be jointly responsible for disease treatment through price cuts and reduce the monopolistic terms on drug products.  Would improve education through using the television and internet.  Would increase the practical training, workshop, experiments, and fieldwork, field trip…
  5. The UN Ministry of Economy – The modern economy in different periods was the product of three leading economists: Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and Maynard Keynes.  The failure of the “invisible hand” was the Great Depression in 1929.  The failure of “centralized economy” was the collapse of the Soviet Union and East Europe.  The failure of the “visible hand” (government increased budgets to build up public works and facilities to stimulate the economy) was the cycle of economic crises, shorter for the next cycle. Use experience of crises of two typical products: oil and coffee.  Oil had the crisis of shortage due to underproduction, in 1973, for example, because OPEC rigged the market by manipulating the output and price of oil, thanks to its monopoly in the oil industry.  Coffee experienced a dumping crisis due to overproduction crisis, in 2002, for example, because of unorganized and unplanned competition among countries producing coffee, causing bankruptcy and the destruction of many coffee plantations.

The Ministry of Economy would function to draw up world economic policies.  The Ministry of Economy would be comprised of a Department of Industry & Technology, Agriculture & Forestry, and Minerals & Fisheries, a Commerce Department, a Finance Department, and a Labor Department.  Based on the comparative advantage of each nation state and block state, the Ministry of Economy would decide the production quota for each merchandise, from necessary products to luxury products, and would oversee the distribution of products to each state.  The method of deciding quota could be based on OPEC strong points (and avoiding OPEC weak points); that means, the principle to distribute a production quota must suit the market demand and the proportion of the product output of each state, especially attaching importance to the comparative advantage of each product, in order to choose the state which has the lowest production cost.  This planning policy is completely different from the self-willed, inflexible five-year plan of Communist countries.  The planning would be based on the survey and other research of consumers’ opinions in the 13 states.  For example, in the next year, how many cars (detailed to the make and model) would the 13 states order or need to plan production and distribution logically and appropriately.  It would be necessary to get rid of retail services (department stores, shopping centers, etc.) and replace them with sales by TV ads, supermodel ads, the Internet, and showrooms to save labor force for the production domain.  All kinds of merchandise for social needs would be sold by orders and delivered to a person’s home.  Popularize the restaurant services or food delivered at home to eliminate the burden of cooking so that everybody would have extra time to enjoy intellectual and material welfare.  Increase public transportation to develop good relationship and intimacy among people, reduce dioxide and other gases, save energy and decrease accidents, as well as traffic jams.  Develop and consume solar energy.
International transparency would help solve the problems of under- and over-production (real or unreal), avoid the cycle of economic crises due to capitalist competition with its mutual eliminating and destroying characters, instead of emulation to excel.  This new economic form would be able to eliminate protectionism, price subsidies, monopolies such as OPEC, the custom taxes barricade, trade barricades, counterfeit merchandises, violations of intellectual copyrights, dumping, at-will price increases, and bankruptcy of the stock market…

  1. The UN Department of Industry & Technology, Agriculture & Forestry, and Minerals & Fisheries:  Would study the market and distribute quotas.  Would supervise the products and supply side.
  2. The UN Labor Department:  Would be responsible for supervising labor and work hours, salaries, safety, working environments.  Would stop forced labor and child labor.
  3. The UN Commerce Department:  Would be comprised of the WTO.  Would be responsible for appropriately distributing products and merchandise to consumers.  Would prevent the problems of over- and under-production and distribution causing bad impact for the demand side.  Would solve all commercial disputes and problems, as well as the violations of commercial rules.
  4. The UN Finance Department:  Would  be  comprised of a World  Bank, IMF, ADB.  Would be responsible for financing the supply and demand fields according to their needs and situation.  Would control currency and eliminate banks used by criminals for money laundering by tyrants for stolen and embezzled money with insolvent debts, such as those in Japan with 400 billion U.S. dollars in insolvency.  Would eliminate foreign currency speculation, false claims of income; and audit cheating, such as Enron, Worldcom, and Vivendi; and would unify world currency, using US dollar for all 13 states.  The toughest problem would be the debts of the poor, underdeveloped countries.  Debt engendered debts and caused the owners to lose more capitals due to increased lending; the debtors also bear more debts day-by-day and become even poorer.  To create a New World Order, the priority, most urgent and necessary, would be to relieve and annul all debts and start again, letting poor countries have a chance to remake their lives by escaping a deadlock.  It is the only solution to help the world economic prospect of having stability and prosperity.
  5. The UN Justice Ministry:  Would be comprised of an International Criminal Court (ICC), a Human Rights Watch, International Amnesty, UN Human Right High Commission, Committee to protect journalists…  The UN Justice Ministry would compile international laws with common norms and standards applied in the 13 UN states.  It would supplement, amend, and update all international laws that did not conform to contemporary times.  Injustice all over the world originated from the variation and diversity of local laws because each country stipulated different allegations and charges with different verdict for the same crimes.  Many countries apply backward laws from the colonial time, or jungle laws dictated by tyrants.  From criminal laws to civil laws, from technical laws to common laws, all states must apply the unified international laws to prosecute and judge.  All related branches of the UN Justice Ministry would be bestowed with the right to inspect the courts and prisons of all states, investigate and supervise any violations of human rights (religious, political, civil, and press rights) in all nation states and countries belonging to block states, in order to have effective measures of preventing the violations, abuses, and to prosecute leaders of related branches or ministries before the state courts or the International Criminal Court.  The ICC would assume special responsibility for prosecuting war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocidal crimes, and serious violations of human rights.  The ICC would prosecute Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-Il, Ayatollah Khamini, Fidel Castro, Muammar Khadafi, Robert Mugabe, Bashar Assad, bin Laden, Mohammad Omar, Than Swe, communist Junta in Vietnam and China and others, and punish them if they were not exterminated in military campaigns.


XI.  Considerations about “Free Election”


The New World Order would need a United Nations with real authority and power that would align all states which had really free and fair elections under its surveillance.  The kind of “free elections’ in some “free” countries now do not assure the freedom, democracy and human rights for their citizens.  There are still free countries with one-man candidate elections, such as Singapore, opposition candidate assassination, such as Cambodia and Colombia, and freedom to buy votes, such as Thailand.  Take Thailand as an example.  It claimed itself as being a free country and was accepted as a free country with free election, but in fact, military and police lords had the total life-and-death authority at their fiefdom.  The candidates got used to the stick-and-carrot measure, threatening with force and buying votes with money.  These petty tyrants, after being elected, controlled the police, army, and the court.  That was why, through many free elections, Thailand is still under police and military rule and its courts and prisons are not better than those of coummunist countries, if not worse.

In the remaining Communist countries, the one-party rule election is more like a farce.  China’s 16th Party General Assembly took place with the internal struggle among three sects: Jiang Zemin, Lipeng, and Zhu Rongji.  The fate of 1.3 billion people lies not in the hands of their elected representatives, but in the hands of 2,000 local delegates, appointed by the communist party, or 22 members of Politburo, or specifically 7 to 9 ringleaders in the Politburo Standing Committee.  They elected Hu jin-Tao, appointed by Deng Xiao Ping before his death, but the majority of the standing Committee were Jiang Zemin’s henchmen, with Jiang still in charge of the Central Military Commission having the absolute authority to change the state president, party’s secretary general, and state policy!  With this authority and power, leaders of the most populous countries in the world could achieve their hegemonic ambitions and cause a permanent threat to the world. No countries, even the superpowers, could have a say, but only try to appease China and exploit its cheap labor force.  What should it be called if not really a New World Disorder?

So, free election must eliminate all of the above-mentioned cases and must be organized according to above-said conditions and regulations.  To prevent history from tragically repeating itself – Tyrant Hitler was elected in a free election – any state intending to elect leaders who violate all stipulated regulations must be punished with embargo and isolation.  If, after the punishment term is finished, it stubbornly continues its hateful, hegemonic, adversarial policy, the UN Security-Defense Ministry must order an attack to occupy it and establish a protectorate to re-educate it.

To prepare an environment for the future New World Order, Free World leaders must take a strong stance against tyrants and outlaw dictators, following the Czech president’s example.  He employed a clear-cut measure to reject the visa of the President of Ukraine due to his violation of banned-weapons sales to Iraq, and the President of Belarus because of his human rights violations.  Besides Tony Blair, who is loyal and stalwart to our military campaign, regardless of betrayal of other allies in the EU such as France and Germany, John Howard expressed his strong resolve in a recent declaration, “Australia prepares to use pre-emptive attacks in any other country that gives safe haven to terrorist suspects who intend to harm the Australian people.  It is a measure to expand its self-defense rights beyond its border to protect Australia and its people.”  If every country and every leader unyieldingly fought against injustice, the world would have more opportunities to get rid of tyrants and outlaw dictators.




In order to achieve law and order, security, peace, stability, freedom, democracy, human rights, and prosperity, and to deserve the title “New World Order,” America and its coalition forces need to assume a noble responsibility to dispose of malefactors, tyrants and the “Four Subject Groups” to create favorable conditions for a new world to form.  “Regime Change” must be new doctrine besides Bush Doctrine’s Pre-emptive Attack and New Nuclear Stragegy.

  1. Priority in Overthrowing Tyrants:

Tyrants must be overthrown in order of priority along with campaigns against terrorist ringleaders bin Laden and Mohammad Omar and their henchmen.

  1. Tyrants who are an imminent threat to world security and stability with their Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) as one of top priorities.  It is “The Axis of Evil – Kim Jong-Il, Saddam Hussein, and Ayatollah Khamini.”
  2. Tyrants who are a danger to regional stability and security with their WMD must be the second priority: Fidel Castro, Assad, Khadafi, Than Swe, the Vietcong Junta, and the Communist China Junta.
  3. Tyrants who oppress and exploit their own people must be the third priority:  Mugabe, Hunsen, and the Vientiane Junta.

Due to America’s military capability of waging two major wars at the same time, it should consider how to proceed its plan in the best way to quicken the world liberation.  Should it wage one major war at a time, two major wars or one major war plus one minor war simultaneouly?  That means, it attacks Saddam first, then Khamini, or Saddam and Khamini in the same region, or Saddam and Kim Jong Il in defferent regions, or Saddam and Mugabe at the same time.  The combination of one major and one minor war is appropriate because some tyrants belonging to the second and third categories are really hot potatoes needed to be eliminated as soon as possible such as Mugabe, Fidel Castro and Than Swe, for the welfare of their people and mankind.  In the case of Mugabe, five tomahawks would be enough because his opposition parties could take care of the rest of his regime’s removal.

  1. Measures to Overthrow Tyrants:
  2. Annul the laws prohibiting the assassination of foreign leaders with other outdated clauses and articles in International Law, such as “targeted assassination…”
  3. Give out prizes for their heads (10 to 20 million dollars) to encourage their opponents, their people, henchmen, and neighbors to assassinate them for the reward.
  4. Use Predator drones armed with Hellfire missiles operated by remote control to assassinate them, such as the case of killing 6 al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen.
  5. Use Tomahawks to attack their presidential palaces without warning.
  6. Organize Special Forces to secretly skydive into tyrants’ residences to kill them.
  7. Assault them suddenly to kidnap them, such as the case with Noriega in Panama.
  8. Use pre-emptive attacks to annihilate tyrants and their close courtiers.
  9. Use conventional war if all other measures fail to kill them.  Through the experiences of the first  Gulf War and the War in Afghanistan, the overthrow of tyrants by the US modern armed forces is so easy and the war could conclude in a couple of weeks or within a month.

C.  The Bush Doctrine

The Bush Doctrine could be comprised of a “New Nuclear Weapons Strategy” and “Pre-emptive Strike Tactics.”  The Bush Doctrine was to replace the Deterrence and Containment Doctrine, a doctrine which put America in a passive and inactive position, and the result of war was two adversaries being destroyed together.  “The New Nuclear Weapons Strategy” would set up priority for all the targeted objects that America needs to use its nuclear weapons to punish, with China at the top of the list.  “The Pre-emptive Strike Tactics” do not wait until being attacked to retaliate.  It uses the right to attack first without warning, with a dominant and forceful power and fleets of state-of-the-art airplanes, bombs and missiles, coordinated with Special Forces and Marines… to assault suddenly and destroy enemies quickly.  The Bush Doctrine is super eminent, not only in military power, but also in psychological one.  It does not only aim at the national security and traditional values of America’s interest, but also at world security, peace, and mankind’s welfare and happiness.  If you acted on behalf of America’s interests and security only, that action could conflict with other countries’ interests.  You overcame the national level, “responding to the appeal of history,” and “Democracy expanding,” by “liberating the imprisoned people on the other side of the globe.”  They were just, noble, and humanitarian messages.  You served Truth and Justice, not concerned with critique, the opinions of sophists and hypocrites, fighting for “little boys,” for the pariah. America has espoused the values of democracy and human rights.  It is time for it to put all its ideals to use.  It was you who were selected, chosen by history to achieve this noble ideal.

With pre-emptive strikes, America was able to open two-war fronts against Saddam and Khamini or Kim Jong-Il, because war against terrorists is only an intelligence war.  Someone reasoned, “What rights did America have to establish a New World Order?”  If other countries would follow America’s lead to claim their right of pre-emptive attack, such as China attacking Taiwan, India attacking Pakistan, and Russia attacking Chechnya… what happened?  It was the reasoning of those with “shrimp heads” (shrimp’s heads contain excrement), who could not distinguish black-white, just-unjust, and right-wrong.  America not only has the right, but also the duty and responsibility to act and to save the world from chaos and disorder because America is the only superpower in the unipolar world.  Getting rid of tyrants and all evil forces would also help America avoid and prevent another 9-11 tragedy, because America’s peace and security depend on the world’s peace and security.  A criminal killing one victim must be punished by justice. Tyrants killing millions of people escape justice!  Exterminating one tyrant to save a million people and exterminating all outlaw juntas to save mankind are agreeable with moral principles: God’s, Allah’s, and Buddha’s.  “Quick attack, quick win, and quick retreat” are the best tactics.  Delaying or postponing only helps tyrants and the “Four Subject Groups” by giving them more time to poison and indoctrinate people.  It also allows the terrorists to expand their forces and activity sphere, and the anti-American movement to grow.  It allows oil prices to skyrocket, causing economic crises not only for America, but also the whole world, and the aftermath is a negative impact toward global policy and the New World Order that you prepare to create.




America now has a better advantage than during the first Gulf War, thanks to its control of the banned flying airspace to the north and south of Baghdad.  Besides the U.S.-led Coalition Forces against Saddam, the Kurks could give you a hand with Northern Front.  Pre-emptive strikes could crush Saddam’s Republican Guard within weeks, while regular soldiers could desert or surrender to avoid a sure death at the beginning.  America would be welcomed as liberators and saviors.  Nation-building would be the most difficult step in bringing freedom, democracy, and human rights to the Iraqi people.

The downfall of Saddam would cause, in the first stage of pacification like other countries after being liberated, the looting, insecurity and anarchy due to activities of criminals as well as members of the Baath party.  Another problem was the home return from Iranian exile of 15,000 militia of the Supreme Council of Islamic Revolutionary of Iraq (SCIRI) with their leader Ayatollah Mohammed Baqr al-Hakim.  Under the influence and provocation of Khamini and Iranian conservative clerics, they would incite the Shi’ite, 60% Iraqi population, to take in the street to demand a Shi’ite government modeled on Iranian one.  Others were al-Qaeda terrorists who, being ashamed with their empty and unable-to-carry-out threats to punish America if it attacked Saddam, could try with some suicide bombings in some countries having their sleeping cells to save face and self-affirm their ephemeral existence.  These temporary events would have inverse effects.  They harmed in the first place but could help later.  Why?  America could have an extra pretext to remove Khatami and his band from power, and Muslim moderates, the majority in Muslim countries, due to their security and welfare as well as the aspiration for freedom and democracy, would actively condemn and oppose the extremist Muslims and their clerics as the Muslims in Bali did.  Another major problem was the lifting of UN sanction against Iraq 12 years ago.  But it would be overcome when three profit-seeking trouble makers – France, Germany and Russia – recognized that their stubborness and reactionary stance must pay a high price by being punished with US economic retaliatoin and other interests losses in the post-Saddam regime in Iraq.  The UN Security Council’s favorable decision would vindicate, justify, legitimate and legalize the war against tyrant Saddam.

A democratic government in Iraq would help keep sustainable security, stability, and peace in the Middle East, and a domino effect would be that it would encourage other Arab peoples to stand up for their rights and have a place in the sun.  The first movement would be the Shi’ite’s in Saudi Arabia.  With the backing of new force of Shi’ite in Iraq, they would fight against the Sunni-dominated regime and the dictatorial royal family must lose its grip for democracy and freedom to bloom in this world oil richest country.

In the new atmosphere, the Road Map of Peace to solve Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be implemented successfully because there was no more Saddam’s influence over Palestinian policy.  Other rogue tyrants such as Khamini and Assad, with Saddam lesson, learned to behave and restrain themselves if continuing to support and send weapons to Palestinian terrorist groups.  Israel had no reason to reject it, too, because it was a quartet plan drafted by four world major authorities: America, Russia, the EU and the UN.  When this core trouble was to be solved, America would save at least 2 billion from its 3 billion aid to Israel.  It would also save 2 more billion from aid to Egypt because this betraying ally did not deserve this generous favor.  Once the Iraqi oil industry was to be recovered and began its sale again on the market, OPEC would surely lose its monopoly and the oil crisis would be prevented and gotten rid of.

As for Iran, reformist president Khatami, the congress and the students would take advantage of the new environment to request Ayatollah Khamini and his extremist band in the government by majority to release their grips and illegal authority over the armed forces, the court and the media to implement their reform project.  America should help them by creating favorable situation to support their struggle, to isolate conservative clerics from Iranian people, by using Iranian Mujahadin forces in exile in Iraq, surgical strike to destroy two nuclear plants and al-Qaeda commanding bases and safe haven in Iran, or even by directly using military campaign to get rid of these religious tyrants with good pretexts: This criminal band harbored high-ranking al-Qaeda terrorists, possessed WMD, and especially meddled in Iraqi affairs with their proxy al-Hakim and spies as discussed earlier.  Khamini should be the next target due to the advantage that the US troops were already in Iraq, at his next door, while Kim Jong-Il was thousands of miles away.  This time was a great chance to change the world.  Assad must be removed at the same time or after Khamini.

His crime was no less serious because he possessed WMD; supported Saddam with suicide bombers, safe haven for Saddam’s fleeing henchmen; occupied Lebanon and used its land to harbor Palestinian terrorists with official offices and activities, especially Hezbollah, the major group which caused much trouble to the Road Map of Peace from the outside when it had total influence on Lebanese policy.

Tyrant Kim Jong-Il must follow his band: the axis of evil to hell.  This maniac thug was really more serious and imminent a threat to America and his neighboring countries than Saddam because he already had nuclear weapons and always threatened to use them at anytime according to his sick whim.  Because his armed forces were stationed underground in tunnels, trenches and caves built of reinforced concrete near the demilitarized zone, America should develop new kind of nuclear bombs whose destruction would be more effective than Bunker Buster JDAM, so they could annihilate him and his troops right after the first series of bombing before they could rain South Korea with their WMD retaliation.  Tyrant Kim Jong-Il’s regime collapse would encourage people in the remaining Communist countries to stand up and overthrow Communist tyrants in China, Vietnam, and Cuba.  Than Swe and his Junta in Burma must be exterminated so the President-elect could take over the administration.  To get rid of this criminal band that sponsors drug dealers, drug production and smuggling, and destroy the Golden Triangle drug hotbed, would save the lives of millions of people worldwide.  Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe must be punished to set an example to other petty tyrants in Africa, to help pacify the turmoil in Central Africa.  One tyrant collapsed could push the collapse of others in a domino effect.  Eliminating one tyrant after another would bring more prestige, influence and power to America, and reduce impact from troublemakers such as Russia, France, and Germany.  Finally, they would submit to U.S. authority, keep in line under U.S. leadership in order, to prepare for the building of a New World Order.



“Politics is the next election.”  The political activities of most of the world’s leaders are aimed at winning the next election.  Therefore, their political stance turns around like a propeller under the influence of hundreds of interests groups.  World politics would revolve around honor and wealth capitals, but some great man stated, “I’m foolish so I lead a hermit life in the hinterland.  You’re wise so you look toward the tumultuous and animated capital.”  This contemporary time needs “half-foolish, half-wide leaders.”  Half-wise ones are those who are ready to enter the honor and wealth circle.  Half-foolish ones are those who are ready to leave that circle.  Because completely wise men try to get honor and wealth at all costs, even doing harm to their people and betraying their country, and the completely foolish man would remain indifferent and insensible to the misfortunes of the oppressed and exploited people.  Leaders must lead, not mislead, be led or follow.  They must convince people to follow their great ideas, not give in to people’s foolish demands!  Leaders must have far-sighted vision and be determined to realize their vision even if it conflicts with the short sight and low vision of the population.

You, Mr. President, have already shown this trait of leadership when you went against the UN, the UN Security Council, and 6 million anti-war demonstrators because you were concerned about mankind’s welfare and liberation of the Iraqi slaves.  World leaders must be fair and unbiased, keeping to their principles.  Leaders having these characteristics go down in history as the clear-sighted leaders of all times.  Those concerned with mankind’s future and the New World Order found these characteristics in you, though not perfect.  The humanitarianism and idealism have been expressed in the Bush Doctrine.  Your great leadership was proved at the introduction.  It would be proved more by the following examples:

  1. Environmental Aspect:  Your leadership characteristics had manifested in the decision to withdraw from the Kyoto environment treaty and to not participate in the Earth Summit.  Your far-sighted vision against peace vultures was proved right in two new pieces of information.  The dioxide quantity from mud coal discharge smoldering in Indonesia was equivalent to all of the industrial and transportation discharge worldwide.  The ozone hole over the South Pole almost disappeared automatically.
  2. The Military Aspect:  You withdrew from the ABM treaty signed with the Soviet Union, proceeded with a missile defense shield, a new nuclear strategy, pre-emptive strike tactics, and selling sophisticated weapons to Taiwan for self-defense.
  3. The International Relations:  You declared the “Axis of Evil: Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-Il, and Ayatollah Khamini,” allowed Taiwan’s high-ranking officials to visit America.  You continued to apply an embargo to punish Fidel Castro, even through Carter tried to poke the wheels.  Powell officially received Cuban opposition leader Oswaldo Paya, author of the Varela Plan.  You forced the International Criminal Court to accept the legal immunity for U.S. soldiers in the peace-keeping force to prevent lawsuits with political motives.
  4. The Home Security Aspect:  You established a Homeland Security Department to prevent similar tragedies as 9-11 events; maintained the death sentence.  If criminals like Saddam and bin Laden were not put to death, it would encourage serious offenses.  It was not only unfair to their victims, but also to the taxpayers who had to bear the burden of feeding them $35,000 a year for the rest of their lives in prison.
    e. Good Guys, Bad Guys:  Neither cover for, nor compromise with mistaken allies.  Not to abandon the just and righteous.  There needed to have a clear stance such as that of the US Ambassador to China: “We don’t trade the war against terrorism with the Human Rights abuses in China.”  This last characteristic was your weak point, and your enemies often used it to criticize you.  In Pakistan, Pervez Mussharraf used tricks of referendums to bypass election and claimed the presidency.  But if America opposed him, Afghanistan’s future and your war against terror would be in trouble because the Extremist Muslim parties could control the Palestinian government.  Apprehending a third-rank leader of al Qaeda and hundreds of members of al Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan was a great achievement of President Mussharraf.  The situational measure was to award his strong points and try to correct his weak points, delicate issues, in a wise way so that he could transform himself into a good guy besides s good ally.  Although 15 of the 19 hijackers of 9-11 were Saudi Arabian citizens, America could not put this country on the list of human rights violations or leave it out of allied countries because it was a base for Desert Storm.  But if Saudi Arabia would not actively participate in the Gulf War II to remove Saddam from power, America must adjust its policy by withdrawing its military forces from its land as well as other favor for a betrayal ally.  With Israel, America could not force it to abide by all UN solutions as long as Palestinian suicide bombers continued to kill innocent Israeli people.  The major point was that, in 1948, 1956, 1967, and 1973, wars were waged by Arab countries and Israel acted in self-defense.  But if the Israel-Palestinian conflict could not be solved logically, appropriately, and fairly, the Muslim militants would have a pretext to continue their terrorist activities and condemn America for all their troubles.  Therefore, Israel could not continue to use the suicide bomb attacks to charge the new Palestinian leader of not actively fighting against terrorism as it did with Arafat, demand the stopping of all terrorst attacks as a pre-requisite condition to accept the Road Map of Peace because Israel itself with its strong forces and its occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip could not stop suicide bombers, too.  It was sure that the Israli militants and settlers in occupied lands of Palestine would oppose this Road Map and most of Palestin terrorist groups would try any means to destroy this plan by continuing and increasing their suicide bombs activities.  If those who supported the Road Map of  Peace had strong resolve, they coud transform the obstacles into an advantage by one of these two measures: 1- New Palestine Prime Minister could not declare war against the terrorist groups or use strong military measures to deal with them because his government did not have strong armed and security force, he did not want to be assassinated or forced out of  power by them or cause division among his people.  Therefore, the Israel could retaliate terrorist bombings with strong hands to annihilate their extremist leaders who were real causes of today troubles and the seeds of future instability. 2- It could, at the same time, actively  implement all the important steps required by the Road Map such as: withdraw its troops from the occupied territories, remove all the settlers out of Palestine… The best way is that Israeli forces withdraw from Palestinian territory.  When the Israli troops have withdrawn, the UN Peace-Keeping Forces, the NATO, or the US forces share with new Palestinian security authority the responsibility to suppress the Fatah, Jihal, and especially Hamas; and instead of dismantling all the settlements, financial aid to Palestine should be spared to compensate the settlers and their houses would be given to Palestinian refugees to implement the Road Map fully and effectively.



Thanks to the global war against terrorism, the Tamil Tiger, after 20 evil war years with barbarous, cruel measures of terrorism, must abandon its ambition for an independent country, accepting the federal government policy through negotiations with the government of Srilanca, opening a peaceful prospect for this little but turbulent island.  The Kurk ethnic minority in South Turkey changed its policy and name to avoid being put on a terrorist list.  Conflict in Northern Ireland cooled down because the IRA understood the trend of the time: Terrorism, in any form, for any purpose, would be condemned.  No more “The end justifies the means,” as the past thought.

The Free Aceh Movement, after 27 years fighting for independence with 12,000 casualties had to discuss with Jakarta for a peace treaty.  But none of these conflicts, in fact, came to conclusion yet due to their long and complicated process of negotiations.

The US quickly successful pre-emptive attack against Saddam could initiate some conflicting impacts.  It could encourage the democratic activities and freedom fighters to upgrade their fights against tyrannical regimes and the democratic leaders to follow US model to use pre-emptive attacks against terrorists and rebels in their countries if they were in the US camp.  So we could expect Jakarta and Manila to change their tactics against the Free Aceh Movement in Indonesia or the Abu Saffaf and Moro in the Philippines but not Ankara against the Kurks in Turkey, as well as the strong campaigns demanding human rights, democracy and freedom in Cuba, Zimbabwe, Burma, China, Vietnam…  Therefore, there could have new waves of mass repression and persecution to crush the seeds of rising and growing rebellions with serious charges and verdicts or even assassinations in these countries. It would be a step backward if, after Iraq, America stopped all its plans and operations for world freedom.  But it was the best time if it was determined to exploit the situation to solve terrorist and tyrannical problems once and for all with a strong resolve.  Moreover, the collapse of Saddam’s regime could also deter other belligerent leaders to change their attitudes.  Vajpayee and Musharraf may reconsider their destructive policies when recognizing that their nuclear missiles were no different from toy weapons, and try to make a peace with each other to avoid their doomsdays.  “Deadlock will cause revolt.  Revolt will originate breakthrough” was a truth and principle.

As argued above, all problems have originated from tyranny.  Annihilating all tyrants could put terrorism to an end, bring freedom, democracy, and human rights to all mankind.  It is the first step in creating a New World Order.  But destroying is easier than building.  The second step is to set up a new United Nations as a Federal government to administrate the 13 state members, in order to replace the old, out-dated society with a new and progressive and advanced society in which every state would enjoy peace, security, stability and prosperity on an equal basis.

You, Mr. President, undertook a big duty and were always busy with world affairs and national business. But you should give clear directives to your subordinates, so that they can fulfill small duties.  Small mistakes or wrong steps in the policy made by your subordinates at low levels could cause the misunderstanding that your policy was not united.  There were many just resistance groups who fought against the enemies that the Bush policy intended to eliminate, but your subordinates did not care about them, although their efforts could contribute some part to your global strategies.

The future of the world and mankind lies in your hands.  The New World Order would be formed or the New World Disorder will remain.  You could be mankind’s savior or be criticized in history by future generations, all depending on your strong resolve to eradicate tyrants and all their tragic results: terrorism, poverty, injustice, intolerance, and conflict.  President Mandela, who only saved South Africa from apartheid, already is hailed by the erection of his likeness in a statue that is the biggest ever built, the 8th wonder of the world.  If you save the whole world, your statue would not only be erected all over the world, but also in the hearts of all the people who love freedom and justice, now and in the future. Everything you have done so far has been right, especially the decision to focus on regime change.  In order to have peace, we must prepare for war.  This war was a just war like all other just wars the U.S. has engaged in from WW II to the present.  It was a liberation war, not a conquest one.  Hundred thousand dead bodies buried in mass graves in the 1991 abortive uprising of the Shi’ite and Kurks exhumed after the Iraqi liberation would vindicate and justify this war.  The WMD were not so dangerous as the malefactors, the tyrants and their collaborators.  Nineteen 9-11 hijackers could kill more than 3,000 innocent people with their only makeshift knives, and Vietcong could exterminate tens of thousands of their countrymen with no bullets but by rifle butts, pick-axes, shovels or even alive burial.  Those who argued that if Saddam had no WMD, the war against him would be illegal, illegitimate, and unjust and Kim Jong-Il would be let alone to continue to kill his people by millions if he promised to abide by the 1994 framed treaty, had shrimp’s head, not human head because Saddam, Kim… were the most dangerous WMD themselves.  The crime against humanity and genocidal crime of Saddam, Kim Jong-Il, Khamini, Assad, Qadhafi, Mugabe, Fidel Castro, Burmese Junta, Communist Laotian Junta, Hunsen, Communist Vietnam’s Junta, Communist China’s Junta were so serious and more than enough that they must be removed from power and punished as soon as possible even without their having WMD and their other more new crimes.  Besides the liberation of the oppressed, the exploited, getting rid of tyrants and rogue neo-lords would help to solve most parts of world problems: terrorism, conflict, injustice, oppression, exploitation, instability, refugees, poverty, illiteracy…  They must disappear for the New World Order to appear.  They must be submerged for mankind to emerge and excel.  It was an insane idea to try to compromise and appease them, especially Saddam, Khamini and Kim Jong-Il at this time to perpetrate causes of New World Disorder. Everything America has done so far and will do in the future is to implement the noble ideas of two great thinkers: “I can’t enjoy things that are denied to others” (Gandhi) and “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (Martin Luther King, Jr.).  America could only have peace and security when the whole world has peace and security.

I pray that God bestowed upon the American people the perspicacity and clean-sightedness to understand that you are God-chosen as mankind’s savior and that they have the duty of supporting you wholeheartedly in your world leadership, to open a new era and build up a New World Order that would transform the earth, the hell on earth, into a paradise on earth for all people.

Freedom Fighter Ly Tong

Veteran Day, 11 November 2002








NOTARY PUBLIC TELEPHONE                                                     (504)362-6880


July 18, 1988

China Imperial Restaurant & Lounge

1717 Canal Street

New Orleans, LA 70112

RE: My Client: Trong Nhu Le

D/A:    7/10/88


This office has been retained to represent Mr. Trong Nhu Le with regard to personal injuries and damages he sustained when he was struck on the head by your employee, Tong Ly, at your club on Canal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana on July 10, 1988.

Please be advised of my representation of Mr. Le in this matter.

Under the circumstances, I must ask that you contact or furnish me with the name of your insurance carrier and if they desire to discuss this matter with me, I shall be happy to do so.

In the event you đo not carry liability insurance, I shall be happy to discuss this matter with you personally.

However, I must ask that you contact this office no later (10) days from the date of this letter in order that I may protect my client’s interest.


Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Sincerely yours,





















Author: Lý Tống

Lý Tống sinh ngày 01/09/1945 tại Huế, gia nhập Binh chủng Không Quân năm 1965, thuộc Khoá 65A, và du học Hoa Kỳ năm 1966. Vì trừng trị một niên trưởng hắc ám, Lý Tống bị kỷ luật, bị sa thải và trở về nước. Lý Tống được tuyển vào hãng Pacific Architech & Engineer và chỉ trong vòng 3 tháng thực tập ngành Thảo Chương Viên, Lý Tống tự động sửa một program chính của hãng, giảm thiểu nhân số phòng Phân Tích từ 5 nhân viên xuống còn một mình Lý Tống. Do công trạng thần kỳ đó, Lý Tống được Chủ Tịch Hội IBM Chapter Việt Nam đề nghị bầu vào chức Phó Chủ Tịch và cấp học bổng du học ngành Programmer. Nha Động Viên đã gọi Lý Tống nhập ngũ Khoá 4/68 Sĩ Quan Trừ Bị Thủ Đức trước khi Lý Tống hoàn thành thủ tục nên anh bỏ mất cơ hội du học Hoa Kỳ lần thứ nhì. Lý Tống là người duy nhất bị sa thải vì kỷ luật được trở lại Không Quân Khoá 33/69 và tốt nghiệp Hoa Tiêu ngành Quan Sát. Năm 1973, Lý Tống được huấn luyện lái phi cơ A.37, trở thành Phi Công Phản Lực Cường Kích. Vốn là người của xứ cố đô ngàn năm văn vật, Lý Tống là một tổng hợp của nhiều con người : Vừa giang hồ lãng tử, vừa nghệ sĩ, businessman, vừa là hoa tiêu gan lì gai góc. Đề cập đến các chiến tích lẫy lừng với danh hiệu Top Gun của Lý Tống, có câu nhận xét của Phi công cùng Phi Đoàn Ó Đen thường được nhắc nhở đến : “Nếu 4 Vùng Chiến thuật có 4 Lý Tống, VC sẽ không ngóc đầu lên nỗi !“. Về Danh Hiệu PAPILLON, Lý Tống đã sáu (6) lần vượt ngục, chỉ thua Papillon Pháp, người vượt ngục chín (9) lần. Sự khác biệt giữa Henri Charrièrre và Lý Tống gồm các điểm : * Henri chuyên vượt ngục bằng đường biển, Lý Tống “chuyên trị“ đường bộ.* Henri luôn luôn dùng tiền nhờ người khác giúp đỡ và hợp tác, Lý Tống chỉ trốn một mình và mọi kế hoạch từ A đến Z đều chính tự mình vạch ra và thực hiện. * Ngoài ra, Henri chỉ chú tâm vượt rào “ra“ vì sự sống còn của bản thân, Lý Tống còn 3 lần vượt rào “vào“ các Phi trường (2 lần Phi trường Tân Sơn Nhất và 1 lần Phi trường Ubon Rachathani tại Thái Lan, tức Tổng cộng 9 lần bằng Henri Charrière) để đánh cắp máy bay, thi hành các Điệp vụ vì sự sống còn của Dân tộc VN. Thành tích vượt ngục được Ông Julian, Trưởng Phòng Phản gián Singapore, đánh giá : “Lý Tống là bậc thầy của Papillon“. Tháng 09/1981 Lý Tống rời quê hương tìm tự do bằng đường bộ, xuyên qua 5 quốc gia, dài hơn 3 ngàn cây số, trong thời gian gần 2 năm, trốn thoát 3 nhà tù, cuối cùng bơi qua eo biển Johore Baru từ Mã Lai đến Singapore, và được chính phủ Hoa Kỳ chấp thuận cho đi định cư tại Mỹ vào ngày 01/09/1983. Cuộc hành trình vượt biên tìm tự do của Lý Tống ly kỳ vô tiền khoáng hậu, độc nhất vô nhị của thế kỷ 20 được Tổng Thống Ronald Reagan vinh danh qua nhận định : “Your courage is an example and inspiration to all who would know the price of freedom“ (Sự can trường bất khuất của Lý Tống là một biểu tượng và nguồn cảm hứng cho những ai muốn biết cái giá của tự do) ; và được ca tụng bởi những Tờ báo, Tạp chí nổi tiếng nhất thế giới như : Barry Wain của The Wall Street Journal : “Ly Tong is in a class by himself“ và Anthony Paul của Reader’s Digest : “His flight has become one of the great escape saga of our time“....... (Xin đọc thêm các bài tiểu sử của Lý Tống)

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